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Wagashi Lesson ~和菓子の心~

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Have you ever eaten Wagashi ( japanese-style confectionery)?

Wagashi express the four seasons in Japan and we can enjoy
the feeling of each season by wagashi.

Yesterday,I joined in a wagashi lesson with the teachers of English
conversation school.
And we learned how to make 'Uguisu-mochi' and 'Koubai-Hakubai'
at there.
We used Shiratamako(powder of rice),Shirozarame(sugar),
Koshian(paste of small beans),water and Kinako(powder of beans).

And Uguisu-mochi is the shape and color of Japanese bush warbler,
and Koubai-Hakubai is the shape and color of Japanese apricot's flower.
So we feel spring season from these wagashi.
It is interesting, isn’t it?

Well, it was not easy to make good shape, but it was so fun.
And those were sweet, delicious and beautiful!
Besides, there were 10 pieces for takeout yesterday!

wagashi1_.jpg wagashi2_.jpg
↑ I made them. They are beautiful,right?

By the way, I took the wagashi lesson with seven women.
Two of them were foreigner.
I was impressed with their big interest for Japanese culture.

After that, we had lunch at a nice Japanese restaurant in Enoshima.
We had a wonderful time.
I want to take the wagashi lesson next season again!


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