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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪


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The way to independence ~自立への道~

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Last Sunday, my son took my husband and me to a restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown. It was an invitation from my son for the first time.
We were surprised, and were very glad.

He graduated university in this spring, and he is working in a company as a system engineer now. But he seemed to be faced with many difficult problems after the severe training period. I think it was the first ordeal for him maybe.

These years, it is said that the employment informal decision rate for the university graduate is the lowest in the past. I felt certainly the fact from my son’s recruiting last year. Fortunately he got a job, but, I think he learned about that working in society is how severe than hunting job.

We enjoyed a nice Chinese food with talking.
And I thought he got over the one of his ordeal.

I'm looking forward to coming the day he stands on his own life really. And I hope to become a society where young people like my son can have their dream.


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