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Encounter with Bear  森でクマさん!

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Hello everyone.
How have you been?
I hope you have a wonderful time in the brisk fall weather.
Today, I'd like to show you pictures my husband took.
He went to trip for birdwatching last weekend.
And he met a bear at Norikura highland!
Oh my god!!
I heard the distance between he and the bear was about 20m!!!
It's really terrible, right?
But he came home without any accidents.
Of course he was very surprised, but he felt happy to meet a wild animal.
They looked each other for a minute, and the bear went away.
Anyway, I felt relief to my husband's safety.




Thank you very much for reading my blog! See you soon



ダイエット妄想ママ says... "No title"
Hello Mittanr

How have you been?
Yesterday I watched a news program about Aso.
Aso was admitted to be one of GNN.
Probably you know it well. The last blog of yours was about Aso,so I thought you are very happy now.

And your husband!
How lucky he was.
Did he pretend that he was sleeping when he met a bear?

Yesterday I also liestened to a news about bears in Shirakawago in Gifu.
Owing to a bad weather during the summer time, acom trees have not born fruits this year. ( Bears have to eat many acoms to hibemate.They need fat to hibemate during the winter.)
So more and more bears might come down to towns near mountains.

When I went to Shiretoko, I bought a bell that told we , humans , were here.
The shopmaster said that both of us( humans and bears) were afraid each other.
So it was better to use bells and let them know that humans were near them.
Your husband went for birdwatching and probably didn't have a bell.Probably he gazed at the bear.(目力がすごいんじゃない?)

Anyway I was so surprised to see the pictures you showed us and am happy to know that he is ok.

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mittanr says... "Re:"
Hi ダイエット妄想ママsan,

Thank you very much for your comment!
Yeah, my husband was very lucky.
I heard he didn't pretend to sleep, and he looked at the bear calmly.
I think it was good that he didn't shout.
And He has a bell against bears, and usually ring with birdwatching in the forest, but he didn't use it at that time.
If I was at there with my husband, I must got into a panic, maybe.
And we might be attacked from the bear.
Woooo, terrified!!
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