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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

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Remember  追悼そして未来へ

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Hi there,
Thanks for coming to my blog today too.
As you know, we had the Great East Japan Earthquake just three years ago.
I think many people are considerate to the sufferers.
When I imagine their suffering I can't fight back my tears.
We hope the recovery goes on as soon as possible.
I offered a silent prayer for the victims.
And, Let's step to the tomorrow.




ダイエット妄想ママ says... "No title"
Hi Mittanr

This morning an earthquake hit our area.
Did you feel that?
The center of the earthquake was Shikoku.
But the earthquake scale was 3 in my area.

When the Hanshin Awaji Big Earthquake occurred,
I was cooking in the kitchen.
Kobe is a little bit near to my area, so I felt
a sudden strong shake.
Then I rushed up to the 2nd floor where my daughters were

When the Tohoku Big Earthquake happened,
I was on the fourth floor of a building and I felt as if I was
in a Viking Boat in an amusement park.
When I watched TV, I was so schoked to see the cars were swept away
by the flood.

Today I was listening to a diet session on the radio , and I wondered
whether lawmakers really think seriously of the people who had
sufferd from that big earth quake.
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mittanr says... "Re:"
Hi ダイエット妄想ママsan,

Thank you very much for your comment.
I'm glad to know you didn't get any damage from the earthquake.
But I'm afraid of the next big earthquake such as Nankai area or capital area.

When the Tohoku Big Earthquake happened, I was at my house,
and some ornaments fell down and broke though I suffered no hurt.
And the phone and cellphone didn't work, so I couldn't contact with my family
until night, and my family came home the next day.
I was very worried about my family at that time.
And then, when I watched at the tsunami on TV, I didn't think God exist in this world.

Yes, I doubt whether politicians think about our safety.

Thanks ダイエット妄想ママsan,
See you soon.
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