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A distribution system ~青果物の物流現場~

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I had a chance to visit the inside of a company's huge refrigerator
in Tokyo distribution center for fruit and vegetables today.
And, I was able to see the distribution system called “ cold chain “ actually.

I heard that the temperature in the refrigerator is always kept 13 degrees, and a lot of fruit and vegetables are carried ,sorted and shipped in 24 hours system.
And we were able to enter in the refrigerator set to 5 degrees in addition.
Too cold!!

I was very interested in the system, but I thought that the people who are working here are really hard.
However, we can eat fresh fruit and vegetables through this system.

By the way, I rode on the Tokyo monorail after a long time.
I used to use it when I go to Haneda airport .
So, I could also enjoy seeing the view from monorail today.
I had a very nice day.


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