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Bamboo work & Buckwheat noodles 竹細工とお蕎麦

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Hi, thanks for coming to my blog always.
Do you like buckwheat noodles?
I like it, but buckwheat noodles I ate at home were not so good until now.
So, I bought the bamboo work and handmade buckwheat noodles
at the nice shops in Togakushi.
And we enjoyed eating buckwheat noodles for lunch at home.
It was so delicious!
I think there are two good reasons.
One was to use the good handmade buckwheat noodles.
Another one was to use the bamboo work's plates.
Oh, one more reason, we ate it with grated yam.
Yummy, and I felt happy!




ダイエット妄想ママ says... ""
Hi Mittanr

Thank you for teaching me a new word.
Although I didn't know the word" buckwheat ",
I like buckwheat noodles very much.
You showed me very nice bamboo plates.
I like them.

As you mentioned, even in Nagano, the taste of
buckwheat noodles are not always the same or good.
About 15 years ago, I ate buckwheat noodles
in a restaurant very near Matsumoto-jo Castle.
There were so many customers, so people at that restaurant
were so busy and couldn't cook well at that time, I think.
I remember that all we were dissapointed at the taste
and even my little daughters said "Mom the taste of
this soba is so bad."
But I know a very good restaurant in my city.
It is not a soba shop.
It is a 割烹and the last of the course he sometimes
serves us buckwheat noodles.
We love his buckwheat noodles so much.

When my daughters played tennis for club activities,
for summer lunch,I cooked "cold( or cool) buckwheat noodles with yam, plum pickles
and laver. They liked it so much.

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mittanr says... "Re:"
Thank you very much for your comment!
Yeah, I think good taste needs good ingredients, good cook, good atmosphere.
I can imagine the buckwheat noodles of the 割烹 is so nice.
And the cold buckwheat noodles you made sounds so delicious!
Sometimes, I make buckwheat noodles salad with sliced onion,
tomato, some green vegetables and olive oil dressing. It's also good.
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