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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

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A Spiritual Spot    戸隠

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Hi, thanks for coming to my blog.
How was your weekend?
I went to Togakushi in Nagano prefecture with my husband.
Togakushi is one of our favorite place.
There are grand nature, famous shrine and many soba noodle shops.
We enjoyed walking, bird watching in woods
and eating new soba noodles because it's the season of new buckwheat.
The weather was perfect, and the spiritual atmosphere relaxed me.
So I'd like to show you some pictures today.
I'm happy if you enjoy seeing them.
Thank you.

And if you'd like to know some soba shops, please visit my another blog.

We crossed the Usui Pass before daybreak.


Iitsuna highland at early morning.


Togakushi forest plant garden


Kagami Pond


This is a bird's picture my husband took.




ダイエット妄想ママ says... ""
Hi Mittanr

Thank you for nice pictures.
I went to Ueda to eat soba . But actually we ate soba,
persimons and apples and we were so full.
We bought 5kgs of apples there.
A young man came up to us and explained how he has grown apples without farm chemicals.
And then we went to 道の駅 to buy "雷電beer".
My husband and our friends loved it but it was so strong
for me. We went to Kita-Karuizawa and stayed for 2 nights.

The next day we went to "Shiraito Falls" . I thought it is
one of the World Heritage Sites but
it is not. And then we went to Manpei Hotel to drink that
famous royal milk tea(John Lennon loved that tea I've heard.)and shopped around there. We bought so many sweets ,jams
and honey.I met "Hachi-ojisan".

The last day(Monday) we went to ハルニレ, because I wanted
to have breakfast there.
I was very tired but I enjoyed very much. It was not so
cold so I was lucky.
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mittanr says... "Re:"
I'm very glad to know you had a wonderful trip.
Those apples you bought are organic, right?
I also like Manpei hotel's cafe and cycling around there.
As you say, I think Shiraito Falls is worth the World Heritage Sites.
Um,,,I've never met Hachi-ojisan. It's a funny name,isn't it?
And I'd like to try 雷電beer someday.
Thank you very much for your comment today too!
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樹ママ says... ""
写真が綺麗で 行った気になりました
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mittanr says... "Re:"
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