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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

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Electronic Piano 我家にピアノがやってきた♪

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Hi,thanks for coming to my blog always.
And I appreciate that many friends concerned about my sick.
Thank you very much for your kind words.
Today I went to an other doctor.
I'm getting better very slowly.
Anyway, I'm going to beat the terrible sick in my spirit!!
And, please be careful about your health of yourself.
I don't want you to catch a bad cold like this.

By the way, the electronic piano arrived at my house last week.
I used to play piano when I was young.
But I have rarely played piano after I was married.

Well, my son has been going a piano lesson
after he became a member of society about four years ago.
It was really surprise for me.
Because I wanted him to go to a piano lesson when he was a small kid,
but he rejected playing piano,so I gave up at that time.
And he is going to take part in a piano concert this weekend.
His program is "Moonlight" 1st mov piano sonata of Beethoven.
He had only a small keyboard. How did he practice!!??
But I listened to that he was playing well the other day.
I'm looking forward to going to the piano concert.
And I'd like to enjoy playing this electronic piano too.





ダイエット妄想ママ says... ""
Hi, Mittanr

I'm so glad to know that you're getting better.

To tell the truth, I caught a cold last Thursday.
I have had a cold now so almost for a week.

You bought an electronic piano. That's nice.
When Sakamoto Ryuichi's piano tune"Energy flow" was
popular, I took piano lessons.
I wanted to play his "Enegy Flow."
But I made a big mistake.
I had no time to practice, so I wanted to practice
at her house and it was OK for me.
But my teacher was strict , and I was scolded every time.
She asked "Why didn't you practice? You have to practice
for an hour every day."
And gradually going to her house to take lessons became
big stress for me and I quit.
But even now I sometimes practice the piano.
I need to practice not to be senile dimentia.

Please enjoy playing the piano with your son.(連弾)
I will be fun.
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mittanr says... "Re:"
Hi ダイエット妄想ママsan,
Thank you very much for your comment.
Oh,no, You have a cold too?
Please don't make it any worse.
I hope we get well soon.
And I like the tune"Energy flow" too, but I've never played it on the piano, so I'll try.
When I was child I didn't like to practice, but I have been playing piano at my parent's home occasionally.
But my fingers don't move well now, so I have to practice.
Yeah, I might need to practice not to be senile dementia too.(^_^;)
And I'd like to enjoy playing piano with my son someday!
Thank you!!
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