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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

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Congratulations to my Dad!

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Today is my father's eightieth birthday.
And he won the gold prize of a woodcraft's competition,
and he attended the awarding ceremony today.
So, it became a wonderful birthday for him, and we were very happy!


This is not the winner, but it's one of his works I like.


He copied out that famous picture by oil painting first.


And he made that woodcraft with one plank.


Happy birthday Dad! I'm really proud of you!!



ダイエット妄想ママ says... "Congratulations"
Hi, Mittanr.

How nice! I was really amazed by the work that your father
He is really a genius.

My father passed away last September. He was 82.
He was really a smart person. He got the first prize and
was commended at Chinese Poem Competition.
After he became sick and couldn't walk and go out by
himself, he soon became sinile.

So, take care of your father. His hobby , making things ,
is really good.
2013.08.20 21:49 | URL | #014MdbJw [edit]
Sakae says... ""
Congratulations and happy birthday to your father!
His works are wonderful. And his painting is nice, too.
2013.08.21 08:52 | URL | #6JtQSAok [edit]
mittanr says... "Re: Congratulations"

Hi, Thank you very much for your comment.

And I'm sorry for your father,
but I think you had a lot of wonderful time with your father.

Yes, I'm worried about my father's health always.
And I want him to enjoy his life.
Thank you for your kind words.
2013.08.21 19:12 | URL | #- [edit]
mittanr says... "Re:"
Hi, Sakae,

Thank you very much for your comment.
My father used to paint a lot, he is good at writing portrait.
Thank you!
2013.08.21 19:15 | URL | #- [edit]

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