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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

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I want wing. ~私の翼~

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I have been going to an English conversation school once or twice a week.
Today, I talked about journeys with my teacher.
The teacher is a Canadian woman, my favorite teacher, and it was one-to-one lesson today.
She likes to travel alone and she has many interesting stories, so I like to hear about that.
And she said that if the trip was alone, we would have many opportunities to meet local people and to know their life.
Yes, I think it is true that there are experience and excitement obtained from only alone trip.
It is an adventure, if you will.
So, I think it is important to get information of the destination before the trip, and I need to have the sense to judge rightly for myself about that.

By the way, I think it always after lessons. I wish I could speak English more....
And I think I want wing.
The wing for me; it is skill I can talk about my experiences,opinions and discoveries in English.

Ah…I want to be able to enjoy talking in English too.


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