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Buying and Selling  ~ショッピング~

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I went to an English conversation class today, and learned about
the subject of "buying and selling".

Well, there are different kind of shoppers, example the bargain hunter,
methodical shopper, impulse shopper and online shopper etc.
Which type of shopper are you?

In today's lesson, I was interested in an opinion about the differences
between women and men shoppers.
In general, men need to see clearly how to get into the store, how to
find things quickly, and how to get out quickly.
And men shopper have to feel comfortable; that is to say, they don't
want buying things to be complicated.
That's right!

And, women are more likely to have a list of what they want to buy,
and then go shopping to find the things.
Yes, that's right.
But, I often leave the shopping list at my home.
And I think women like to spend time to looking for the things.

And, I heard that an interesting thing about selling.
If the store is light purple inside, people spend more money in it!
I shouldn't go to the light purple shop maybe.

The year-end clearance sale season is coming soon.
Are you ready?


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