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Can money buy happiness? ~ダイヤとハート~

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I took an English lesson today.
The target of the lesson is to progress in listening and speaking of English.
So, we discussed the theme of "Can money buy happiness?" in today's lesson.
I think that it is a tough subject.
Because we cannot buy happiness by money, but we can feel happy by getting money.
However we don’t need too much money, because we know that money is the root of evil.
That is to say, money is important, but there are many things more important than money in life.

Do you know the saying "Money doesn't grow on trees."
It means we can't get money easily, and I think we shouldn't get money easily.
But we are sometimes fascinated with the lottery.
So, money might have a power that we see a happy dream.

By the way, I asked a single girl "Which would you like to choose money or true love if you will get married?" in the lesson.
She answered that she would choose both.
It was a silly question maybe.
But money can’t buy endless happiness, can it?'s true that a diamond will continue sparkle always, but heart of love will not always.
But.....I think everyone usually had chosen true love.
Of course, me too!

Anyway, we can't become happy even if money is too much or only little.
It is an accepted fact that money makes the world go round.


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