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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

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From a winter melon   ~冬瓜ストーリー~

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Do you remember your memory from something you got?

The other day, I got a vegetable’s gift that was packed with a lot of
kinds of vegetables, and there was a big winter melon in the package.
It is called "tougan" in Japanese, and we write "冬瓜" by kanji.
Yes! it means winter melon.
But, don't you think it is strange about the name?
Because winter melon is one of the summer vegetable.
Do you know why it has come to be called so?
It is said that the name was named because it is kept long until winter.
Um…I doubt if it is true.
冬瓜004_ 冬瓜007_

By the way, how do you usually eat tougan?
I cooked a Philippine homemade food "Teinolang Manok".
It is the soup made with green papaya, chicken, ginger, garlic and namplaa,
etc. This time, I used tougan instead of green papaya.
And, it was so delicious!
I recommend to eat the hot country’s food when we are in these hot summer.

And, I remembered the trip to Cebu island in Philippine about three years ago.
As a matter of fact it was alone trip for studying English.
And I can’t forget the scared feeling when I arrived at the Cebu airport.
Because a Philippine woman next to my seat in plane to go to Cebu talked
about the danger of my alone trip. She said I shouldn’t go to Philippine during
the flight. So I really thought I might not be able to come back to Japan safely
at that time. But ,the trip was so wonderful, and I learned about a lot of things
from the good experience.
However I think I also have to appreciate my luck.
セブ島019_ セブ島040_

Yeah, tougan reminded me of many things.
This was a story that started from the winter melon.

Thank you for reading my blog!



Penny says... "Cebu Island"
Hi Michiko. This reminds me of all the great stories you told me after your went to Cebu Island! It seemed to be such an "eye-opening" experience for you. It was so fun for me to share your stories! I often read your blog and am enjoying it. byebye for now. ;)
2011.07.19 23:27 | URL | #- [edit]
mittanR says... "Re: Cebu Island"
Hi Penny, thank you for your comment! I'm very glad to read it.
Yes, that trip was an eye-opening experience exactly!
Thank you for hearing my stories always, and I want to be able to speak better.!(^^)!

2011.07.20 08:10 | URL | #- [edit]

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