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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪


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Poem for September ~愛しのセプテンバー~

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September, I really like you.
Why do you leave from me?
I want you to stay with me.

September, I'll miss you.
Where do you go?
I wanted to know you more.

September, I'd like to meet you.
When will we meet again?
I can’t wait for you who will come back next year.

September, I still love you.

This is the picture that I took in Paris last year.

Thank you for coming to my blog this month.
Have a lovely weekend.
See you.


Free Cruice ~おすすめクルージング~

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Thank you for coming to my blog.

Do you like taking ship?
Last night, I went to a nice restaurant TYCOON with my friends.
And we enjoyed cruise for forty five minutes in Yokohama Port,
after we ate many good oriental food.
So we could see the beautiful night view from the ship.
It was so exciting and interesting!
Moreover, it was a free cruise!!
If you eat food in the restaurant, you can take the ship free.
I really recommend you this cruise.
Yeah, I'm also thinking I want to take my family and another friends
to there next time.


By the way, do you know the meaning of Tycoon?
Actually I didn't know it's Japanese.

A taste of Autumn   ~むかごご飯~

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Thank you for coming to my blog.

By the way, do you know what this is?
It's called Mukago that the small lump on the stalk of yam.
And it’s one of the food that we can eat in Autumn.
I made Mukago rice for dinner tonight.
So I show the recipe here.
2cup rice, 80g mukago, 1tbsp.sake,
Konbu, salt, water, sesame.
Wash mukago, after that, just boil in a rice cooker.
It has a simple taste and delicious!

See you!(^_^)/

Eat Eat Eat ~お腹パンパン~

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Thank you for coming to my blog.

How was your weekend or three holidays?

I was excited about many things, but ate too much.

On Friday, first, we visited the grave in Shinjuku my husband's home town.
In Japan, we usually pay our respect at grave in the equinoctial week.
And, we took my mother-in-law to my sister-in-law's house in our car.
Then, we ate a nice lunch made by my sister-in-law and niece.
We enjoyed eating with talking!

And, on Saturday, my family went out from early morning, so I did a lot of housework.
Then, I joined a potluck party of only housewives Saturday night.
I brought some food and drink, and we enjoyed eating and talking together until late night.

And I went shopping with my husband and bought a pair of shoes, bag and dishes today.
Then we ate a buffet style lunch.
It was delicious, so I ate a lot!

Yeah, it must be gain in my weight.
So, we went to gym this evening.
Um…,it's a drop in the bucket maybe.(焼け石に水!?)

Besides, we ate dinner as usual tonight.
Unbelievable, my stomach!!

I won’t step on the bathroom scale until a few days later....


The Special Birthday Party ~米寿の賀~

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Thank you for coming to my blog.

The other day, I had a wonderful party.
Actually my mother-in-law became eighty eight years old this month.
So, we held the celebration of her eighty-eighth birthday.
We said "Happy birthday! and Thank you!" to her with our whole heart.
She has five children, and my husband is the youngest son of her.
And they are good sons and daughters always.
Yeah, I’m lucky I became a member of this family.

By the way, we write '米寿’in Kanji about the eighty-eighth birthday,
because the shape of '米' looks like '八十八' which wrote 88 with Kanji,
and we celebrate the birthday especially in Japan.

And my mother-in-law really likes Chinese food, so we held the party
at a famous Chinese restaurant.

今回、中華料理好きの義母のために選んだお店は 重慶飯店新館

お料理は全部で10品。 樽仕込みの紹興酒も美味しかったです
米寿004_ 米寿017_
018_米寿 米寿019_
米寿010_ 米寿005_


We had a wonderful time, and I was really impressed with the party
full of love and thanks!!

Thank you for reading and seeing my blog.

Interesting Idioms  ~ベジタブル in イディオム~

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野菜や果物の名前が入っている慣用句 他にもいっぱいありそう~

Thank you for coming to my blog.
Today, I checked about these idioms that included fruit and vegetable's name in my dictionary.
They're interesting! So, let me tell some of these idioms here.

'apples and oranges'

'polish apples'

'cut a melon '

'carrot and stick'

'cool as a cucumber'

'go bananas'
頭がおかしくなる, ひどく怒ること。

I'm sure there are a lot of idioms like these. So,I'll check again.
And thanks once again for coming to my blog.
See you^^ !

↓This is the photo of vegetables I bought in Kiyosato.

Adjectives ~すごーく嬉しいって言いたい時~

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I learned about how to use adjectives in today's English lesson.

For example,when I'd express the feeling that I feel very happy,
we can use 'delighted', but we shouldn't say "I feel very delighted."
Because 'delighted' mean 'very happy'.
In this case, we should use 'really' or 'absolute' instead of 'very'.
So, I can say "I feel really delighted, or I feel absolute delighted."
And, we can't say "I feel absolute happy."

That is to say, we can't use 'very' before strong adjectives like '
delighted', and we can't use 'absolute' before regular adjectives
like 'happy'.
And we can use ‘really’ before both adjectives.

Wow, I didn’t know that until now!

By the way, I nearly came back to my home by train though I went
to the English conversation school near Yokohama station by my
car today.I noticed my mistake before riding train,
but I felt very annoyed myself!

Recipe for Noni ~黒酢ノニタレところてん~

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Hi! Welcome to my blog.
I have been proposing recipe for Noni.
So today, I want to introduce one of them.
By the way, it’s really hot lately, isn’t it?
And do you like TOKOROTEN?
I eat it sometimes when I have no appetite in this heat.
And, TOKOROTEN is a low calorie and very healthy food because it made
from seaweed, agar.
Well, I made a sauce for TOKOROTEN with Noni.
I hope you like it!

【TOKOROTEN with Noni×Black vinegar】

Ingredients(1 serve)
120g Tokoroten
For topping; green perilla(shiso), mioga, chive, ginger, sesame
For sauce; 1/2 tbsp. black vinegar
1 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. soy sauce
1 tsp. nonipure

① Wash and drain Tokoroten.
② Shred shiso and mioga, cut chive, grate ginger.
③ Mix together ingredients for sauce.
④ Put these topping on Tokoroten and pour the sauce

You can see other recipe for Noni from here.

 Royal Tahiti Noni 
Noni is the fruit that has 140 kinds of nutrients. It's amazing,right?!

Thank you very much for your visit! See you.

The highlands of Early Autumn ~初秋の高原~

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Hi,thank you so much for visiting my blog.
Well,my husband and I go to short trip sometimes, and we went to Kiyosato and Yatsugatake last weekend.
As a matter of fact, we went to the same place on same season of last year.
But we had a first bird watching tour with a guide at this time.
It was so interesting, and we could see a lot of wonderful scene.
Today, I'd like to show you some photos we took.
I'm glad if you enjoy seeing them.

The mountain which looks red by the rising sun

The forest of highlands

Mt.Fuji on a field of clouds
雲海に浮かぶ富士山 文句なしに美しい~

A young bird

Japanese pampas grass
ススキを見ると秋って感じ 高原にくると空も高く感じるのはなぜ~

The field of lettuce

That's all!
I'd like to thank you again for visiting my blog. See you soon!

A Nice Fruit Tea ~八ヶ岳倶楽部~

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バードウォッチャーならずともおススメのお店 八ヶ岳倶楽部

I went to Yatsugatake Club with my husband last weekend.
It was the place I'd like to go in this trip.
And I have heard the original fruit tea at the restaurant is popular.
So let me introduce to you the fruit tea and the place today.

We enjoyed the fruit tea at the terrace.
yatsugatake club1

The tea is made with fresh fruit such as apple, melon, orange, strawberry, grape, kiwi and lemon. Wow! It was so delicious!!
yatsugatake club2
とっても美味しい 黒ゴマモンブランも一緒に

We can take a walk in the place. It was really comfortable.
yatsugatake club3

A dragonfly had stopped at my hat. It’s interesting!
yatsugatake club4

If you have chance, I recommend to go to the place and to enjoy the tea!!

八ヶ岳倶楽部情報はコチラ You can know about Yatsugatake Club from here.

Episode; The famous actor Hiroshi Yagyu took out a wasp by useing a fork at our next seat! I was very surprised!!

A book and Ganesha ~ガネーシャ~

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この夏読んだ 友人おススメの本。。。 関西弁をしゃべる神様

I read a book recommended from one of my friends this summer.
She sometimes lend book to me.
And I also like her favorite books.

Well, have you read this book " 夢をかなえるゾウ"already?
It was interesting book.

The story starts from the wish that a man wants to change his life.
He asked an ornament of elephant he bought in India to come true his wish one day.
Then, Ganesha(gaNeza) appeared. Ganesha is the name of the ornamet,
the god in India, and their shape is almost elephant's appearance.
And Ganesha gave a lot of advice for him though the god Ganesha is fooling around always...

Yeah, it was really funny story.
And I thought the most important key word for happy life is love and thanks.

By the way, I remembered there is the elephant's ornament in my house.
It's a souvenir from my husband when he went to business trip to India before.
Oh, I haven't wiped the dust off it for a long time!
Sorry, Ganesha!!  Please forgive~~!

Worry   ~しんぱいごと~

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I took English conversation lesson after an interval of two months today.
Wow, I’m a bad student!
But, let me tell an excuse that I had been very busy.
I really like learning English, so I tried to catch up in this lesson.

And we talked about vegetable farm etc.
The teacher is worried about food in Japan.
I really understand his concern, but I couldn't give good advice.
And I guess nobody knows what to do, even the specialist.
Anyway I think we should choose food by thought of ourselves.
And I don't think it's the damage caused by a rumor.

This is a photo I took in Kumamoto this summer.