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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪


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Wholesale Market ~大田市場~

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I went to Ota wholesale market in Tokyo last week for the first time.
And we looked around the auction for fruit and vegetables,
and learned a few system of the market.


I was interested in the difference of seller and buyer
and many kinds of the cardboard boxes.


And there were a lot of forklift trucks in the big market.


Anyway, it was the world where very hurried and energetic.
Besides, early morning and too cold!
But I really enjoyed looking and studying the market.


Hayama Marina ~葉山マリーナ~

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My husband took me to Hayama marina yesterday.

And we enjoyed a nice lunch with the beautiful view
at a restaurant in there.

We used to enjoy sailing when we were young,
because my husband has the sailing license for yacht.

I wish we could enjoy sailing again.

hayama5.jpg hayama4.jpg
hayama2.jpg hayama1.jpg

I recommend this restaurant in Hayama malina.


Song of Soul

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Today is the very sad anniversary that my loved younger sister
went to heaven.
She passed away when she was twenty seven years old.
I will never get accustomed to this sorrow
though I can understand the fact that she is not in this world.
And I always become easily moved to tears every year
when this day comes.
Getting over this deep sadness is always tough for me.

Thank you...


Vegetable cooking ~緑×白~

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The other day, I bought some vegetables that have
beautiful green and white color at a greengrocery.

From the left,it is called Kyona(京菜),Salad onion(サラダオニオン),
Wasabina(わさび菜),White celery(ホワイトセロリ).

And, I made two kinds of salads with salmon and pork.

smoked salmon, salad onion, wasabina, white celery,
lemon, capers, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Just slice and dishes up beautifully.
The point of this salad is a little bitter and fiery taste
of these vegetables.

pork, kyona, white celery, salt, pepper, sesame oil,
yuzu(orange), miso, sweet sake for seasoning(milin).

First boil kyona, next roll it with pork and saute.
And make the source with white miso, yuzu and milin.
Then dish up them.

Romeo & juliette ~宝塚~

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Last Saturday, I went to Takarazuka theater in Tokyo Hibiya
with my friend,and we saw the musical opera "Romeo & Juliette".


Have you ever seen the Takarazuka musical stage?
Do you know Takarazuka opera company?

It is an unique opera company that has the history for about
100 years in Japan.
The member of theatrical company are all women!

So, the cast who is playing Romeo is also a woman, of course.
He, no, she is very cool, isn't it?

Besides, almost of all audience are women too!

And the stage is always very gorgeous, and audience enjoy
the dream world with the dance and music.
I think that Takarazuka opera is one of the Japanese unique culture.

And we were able to see the stage at the center of the eighth row
on that day.
Yeah, it was so wonderful!!

A Vegetable Food ~野菜だし~

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I bought a vegetable's powder stock today.
It seems to be very good for health because it is addition-free foods.
And I made Yakisoba(stir-fry noodle) by using it.
It was delicious!
So, I'd like to introduce about it.
And I feel happy if I could share this information with you.


Ingredients for Yakisoba:
noodle, pork, onion, green onion, carrot, cabbage, green pepper,
red bell pepper, mushroom, garlic, ginger, coriander, sesame,
sesame oil, vegetable's powder stock, oyster sauce, salt and pepper.

Cactus ~サボテンの花言葉~

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It has been very cold these days, but the cactus bloomed
in the veranda of my house.
The flower's bud and blooming flower raise my spirits.


By the way, it is said that the flower languages of cactus are
passion, grand, shy, warm heart, satire and love not to die.

I can't wait to come of spring season.

Napoleon Cherry ~さくらんぼのシロップ漬け~

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The cherry's history in Japan started by having been imported
from United States in Meiji era 5 (1872).

The cherry type that had been introduced at that time was Napoleon.

As for the Napoleon cherry, it is often made to the syrup products
instead of eating as fresh fruit.

This syrup pickle of the Napoleon cherry was so delicious.

So, I made the dessert today.
  さくらんぼ2 さくらんぼ1

Japanese style Valentine ~義理・友・本命~

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It is St. Valentine's day today.

Generally, Japanese style Valentine is the day that woman presents
chocolate to man who love or thank.

So my husband usually get some chocolates at the company.
It is called "Giri-Choco".

And woman sometimes give chocolate to her women's friend recently.
It is called "Tomo-Choco".

Well, I always give chocolates to my husband ,my son and my father every year.
It is called “Honmei-Choco”, maybe...

And I bought a chocolate beer for me!


I think it is good thing if we become happy feelings anyway.(^^)

      Happy St.Valentine's Day!

Dendrocopos major ~赤啄木鳥~

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My husband went to Kobuchizawa for bird watching
with his friends yesterday.
This time, their target was to see owl,
but they couldn't do that.

He came back being disappointed a little.
But I like these photos he took.


PaPa, there is always next time!

What shoud I do? ~クマのカプチーノ~

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Wow! This is nice, isn't it?!


When I ordered cappuccino at a restaurant, the waiter served
this to me.

I felt happy, but I didn't want to break this bear's figure.

So, I worried for a while.


If you were me, which part do you drink first?

Don't you mind?

Well…, I drank from bear's head!

Agriculture Enterprise ~日本の野菜の未来~

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I attended the study meeting and New Year's party of a fruit and
vegetables distribution company yesterday.

In the party, we ate the special course that used fruit and vegetables
that this company has handled.
And, we could know about the name, source, producer and
explanation of each fruit and vegetables that were used at the table.
I thought it was telling us these vegetables were safe and wonderful.
And, I felt this company brings the revolution to the agriculture of
Japan in the future.
まつの005_  まつの011_
まつの010_  まつの013_

And it was a big party at Meiji-kinenkan in Tokyo and I met
a lot of people at the party, so it was a wonderful experience for me.

And, I hope Japanese fruit and vegetables will be able to pride
in the world.

↓ ㈱まつの様HPはこちらです。

Wagashi Lesson ~和菓子の心~

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Have you ever eaten Wagashi ( japanese-style confectionery)?

Wagashi express the four seasons in Japan and we can enjoy
the feeling of each season by wagashi.

Yesterday,I joined in a wagashi lesson with the teachers of English
conversation school.
And we learned how to make 'Uguisu-mochi' and 'Koubai-Hakubai'
at there.
We used Shiratamako(powder of rice),Shirozarame(sugar),
Koshian(paste of small beans),water and Kinako(powder of beans).

And Uguisu-mochi is the shape and color of Japanese bush warbler,
and Koubai-Hakubai is the shape and color of Japanese apricot's flower.
So we feel spring season from these wagashi.
It is interesting, isn’t it?

Well, it was not easy to make good shape, but it was so fun.
And those were sweet, delicious and beautiful!
Besides, there were 10 pieces for takeout yesterday!

wagashi1_.jpg wagashi2_.jpg
↑ I made them. They are beautiful,right?

By the way, I took the wagashi lesson with seven women.
Two of them were foreigner.
I was impressed with their big interest for Japanese culture.

After that, we had lunch at a nice Japanese restaurant in Enoshima.
We had a wonderful time.
I want to take the wagashi lesson next season again!

Cute Fruit and Vegetables ~ベジタブルアート~

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I found a cute animation of vegetable art.

I'd like to show it to you today.

It's very cute and funny,isn't it?

I feel fruit and vegetables have each personality.

And I guess children who hate vegetables come to like them.

Goblin vs Happiness ~節分~

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鬼は~外~~ 福は~内~~  今夜は豆まき~ できるかな。。。

Today is February 3.
We have an annual event in Japan called SETSUBUN on this day,
and we usually scatter roasted soy beans in order to drive away goblins and have happiness with saying "Go out, goblin! Come in, happiness!"

And goblin is said to hate the sound of bean's husk and the thorn of holly,so I put it on the front door every year.


Oh, and...they seem to hate also the smell of sardine.
Um...I feel goblins are not strong.
In Japan, a lot of goblins must be in the outdoors tonight.

Interesting vegetable ~ターサイの裏!~

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Do you know what this is?
This is brassica family's Chinese vegetable, and it's called Ta-sai.

Have you ever eaten this?
I cooked chinese stir-fry with Ta-sai.
It was softer than the looks and delicious!

Well...,Do you want to see the other side?
It's interesting shape, isn't it?!


A Thai food ~タイスキ~

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Do you like Thai food?

Have you ever eaten TAISUKI?

I went to a Thai food restaurant(COCA)in Yurakucho for the taste meeting as a junior vegetable sommelier for the first time yesterday.

Then, we tasted a new type TAISUKI that used interesting and colorful vegetables.

   コカ タイスキ

TAISUKI is one of the typical Thai food, and a pot dish familiar for Japanese people, right?

And the new type TAISUKI is called "Bivege(美ベジ)",it mean that to become beautiful by eating vegetables. Great!
I like this type of TAISUKI because we can enjoy looking and eating many vegetables,and I think it is very healthy!

↓↓You can eat this TAISUKI at here.