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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪


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Positive thinking ~ホームステイの思い出~

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Please let me write the memories of my homestay today.
I experienced the first homestay in my forties about three years ago.
I stayed the home of a Judaism believer couple in Sydney for nine days.
It was also the first Australia ,the first study abroad and the first
meeting of Judaism believer for me.
So everything was full of the surprise and excitement.
In that time, I went to an English conversation school in City from the
host family’s house everyday by bus.
In the school, there were many foreigners,and I was neither a housewife
or not mother, and was just student.
And I really enjoyed learning English and doing activities with classmates.
Then, I went to grocery shopping and did my homework with host father,
and I went to a beach and a hill with host mother in her car.
On Friday night, they had a home party, and I sang the songs for prayer
of Judaism together.
I knew their special rule and custom for Judaism for the first time.
And I often met their grandchildren and the neighbors.
I couldn't speak English well, but I didn't have any troubles.
In those days, I seem that I had nerves of iron than now maybe.
Anyway, I had a lot of wonderful experiences, and I remember I thought
that living positively was a universal important mind to men and women
of all ages!

This is Sydney Harbour Bridge.
When crossing this bridge by bus I could see very beautiful Opera House.


Cormorant and Dahlia ~城ケ島~

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I went to Jyogashima with my husband the day before yesterday.
It is a very small island in the point of Miura peninsula in Kanagawa
We sometimes go driving to these area on a fine day.
And, Jyogashima is famous as the place cormorants winter over.
We could see many cormorants stay on the cliff and the scene they catch
fish in the sea.
I felt the herd of them eerily a little, but I was excited by the nature that
happened in front of my eyes.



And, the beautiful flower "Emperor dahlia" were full-bloomed now.

After that, we went to Misaki fishing port near from there.
The port is famous as the base of the open sea tuna fishery,
so we enjoyed sushi for lunch. It was so delicious!

Heaven for Mothers ~テニス日和~

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Today, I played tennis with my friends after a long time.
We had taken a tennis lesson every week before, and have been
friends since at that time. The members who gathered today
were seven women.

We usually use the tennis court of a public park, and there are
a lot of tennis courts in the park ,and many groups similar to us
enjoyed tennis. A friend said here was a mother’s heaven!?
Yep, people who play tennis at there in the daytime are almost
all women, maybe middle aged women.

Well, we enjoyed the doubles games as always. I think tennis is
a very good exercise that we can play with laugh out loud.
We had a wonderful time in the sports weather today!

Chinese quince ~カリンの砂糖漬け~

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I got Chinese quinces(Karin)from my sister-in-law, so made
Chinese quince's syrup. And I have been learning about fruit and
vegetables now, so, I’d like to report about Chinese quinces today.

【About Chinese quince】
Classification: Rosaceous(the rose family)the genus chaenomeles
Country of origin: China
History: It was introduced to Japan before Heian era.
Looks: Size is about 10cm,color is pea green or yellow,
shape is egg type's round.
Character: The flesh is hard, astringent and unfit for eating as fresh,
so the best suited to syrup, liqueur and jam.
Main nutrients: vitamin C, potassium, citric acid, and malic acid.
Expected effect : To prevent a cold, to suppress a cough,
to do recovery from tiredness.

Ingredients: 4 Chinese quinces, 400g sugar, salt.
First, wash and slice the flesh to the thickness of 2mm after
excluding the seeds. Be careful because Chinese quince is very hard.
Next, dip in salt water to prevent discoloration.
And then, drain and put them in a bowl.
Next, sprinkle sugar to them and mix well.
Finally, put them in a sealed container.

We will be able to enjoy the delicious syrup about one week later.
And we will not catch a cold this winter maybe!

A beautiful day  ~新宿御苑~

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I went to Shinjuku Imperial Gardens(Shinjuku-Gyoen Park)
with my mother-in-law and my husband last Saturday.
She lives in Shinjuku with her eldest son's family.
And we sometimes go to the park together.
When she goes out, the wheelchair is necessary for her, but
we don't feel inconvenience because the park is very kind to
a wheelchair user, and the park is very large and there are
many kind of trees and flowers ,so to speak, that is an oasis
in the big city, so we really like there.
And she is a very wise and charming woman, so I like talking
with her. We enjoyed seeing the autumn leaves, picking up
fallen leaves and talking. The weather also was nice and calm,
so we had a wonderful time.
After that we took her to her daughter’s home.
They gave us a nice lunch.
I think my mother-in-law is a happy grandmother, and we
also are very happy.

Radio Observatory  ~宇宙の謎~

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We were impressed with the news that the planetoid probe "Hayabusa"
had taken minute particles from planetoid "Itokawa" this week.
It was the mission to Hayabusa to investigate the mystery of the
solar system. Good job, Hayabusa!
But, actually I don't know about space well.
Do you know the Galaxy that is further from the solar system?
I always feel confuse very much.
So,my husband and I went to the national astronomical observatory
in Nobeyama in Nagano Prefecture about two months ago. 
There is a big radio telescope that discovered a huge black hole
in a galactic system at there.
We looked up with admiration!

I feel a romance in space, but, I feel dizzy when I think about the
distance of many light-years.
I hope the mystery of space will be solved someday!!

Buying and Selling  ~ショッピング~

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I went to an English conversation class today, and learned about
the subject of "buying and selling".

Well, there are different kind of shoppers, example the bargain hunter,
methodical shopper, impulse shopper and online shopper etc.
Which type of shopper are you?

In today's lesson, I was interested in an opinion about the differences
between women and men shoppers.
In general, men need to see clearly how to get into the store, how to
find things quickly, and how to get out quickly.
And men shopper have to feel comfortable; that is to say, they don't
want buying things to be complicated.
That's right!

And, women are more likely to have a list of what they want to buy,
and then go shopping to find the things.
Yes, that's right.
But, I often leave the shopping list at my home.
And I think women like to spend time to looking for the things.

And, I heard that an interesting thing about selling.
If the store is light purple inside, people spend more money in it!
I shouldn't go to the light purple shop maybe.

The year-end clearance sale season is coming soon.
Are you ready?

Smile ~笑門来福~

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It was a day of the medical examination for my husband once half a year today, and I looked back at our difficult time.
He was in a hospital for having a few operations and treatment about this time last year.
I remember that I had gone to the hospital from home by car twice every day.
It was not easy for me, but I tried to enjoy everything.
Because I believe that the more happy thing waits after I got over the difficulty.
And I think we feel happy if we have anything that can apply ourselves even in any situation.
The life is not flat, so, it is exciting, right?
But we are not able to know about the time, place and matter to happen in the future.
And I think that I shouldn't think today's happiness is natural.
So, I'd like to spend a day of a day with a smile.

My husband got the good diagnostic outcome today.
Hah...I felt relief for now!

Palais Garnier ~シャガールの天井絵~

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I went to the opera house (Palais Garnier) on the final day of the trip though I didn't have the plan in that trip when I visited Paris for the first time this year.
Because there is the museum in the opera house, we can come in the building even if we can't see a opera.

And,fortunately, we could see the ceiling picture of Chagall at that time.
I don't know whether the picture of Chagall is matching with this building or not. However, I was impressed by the glorious picture very much.


To tell the truth, I felt the opera house was better than Palace of Versailles in the splendours of them.

Yokohama Museum of Art ~ドガ展~

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I went to see the Degas exhibition in Yokohama art museum with my friend today.
In here Yokohama Minatomirai, the patrol for APEC had taken place very closely until yesterday, but the town had returned to the usual situation already.

Edgar Degas is a painter of the impressionist in France, and one of his famous picture is "Etoile" , and I knew that he often went to the opera house, and he painted "Etoile" from the scene that he saw from the box seat.
I was impressed by his pictures written with the pastel.
And, I was also interested in the dancers' lifestyles in Paris in the 19th century.

↓The Degas exhibition is being opened until the end of this year.

Gratitude and Resolve ~ひと月が経過して~

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ありがとう。 そして、ガンバランバ

I started my blog about one month ago.
Actually I had a negative idea about the blog before.
Because I had been thinking that I shouldn't show the diary to others.
However, I think that I have come to try to express, think well and face to myself by writing my blog.
So, I'm very grateful to person who gave me a chance to writing.
And I noticed that I am encouraged by people who read.

My purpose of this blog is that my English will be progressing.
And I'm sure that my writing is still childish and there are many mistakes.
I'm sorry.

Learning English has its ups and downs often to me.
But I think it is very important to go on studying with enjoyment.

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

I will do my best toward my dream!(^^)!

For beautiful skin ~美肌の味方~

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My family come back late, and I sometimes pick up them at the station,and we usually eat supper at late-night though it is not good thing for health.
But it cannot be helped because they have been very busy.
Therefore, I do my house work late, and I go to bed at midnight always.
So I don't have enough sleep usually.
It isn't trouble because I have gotten used to that already.
But, I feel lack of sleep is an enemy of the beautiful skin, and a shortcut to the wrinkles.
That is a big trouble to me!

So, I try to take the food that contains vitamin A, C, and E that have anti-oxidative effect in our meal.
And, the brightly colored vegetables that contain vitamin ACE such as spinach, broccoli, pumpkin and red bell pepper, etc are excellent.
Besides; eating them are very good for not only beauty but also health. 

By the way it is expected to reduce the wrinkles by taking vitamin C and collagen together.

And, about sleep, it is important to health and beauty to take a good sleep
rather than a long sleep.

Sweet dreams!

Can money buy happiness? ~ダイヤとハート~

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I took an English lesson today.
The target of the lesson is to progress in listening and speaking of English.
So, we discussed the theme of "Can money buy happiness?" in today's lesson.
I think that it is a tough subject.
Because we cannot buy happiness by money, but we can feel happy by getting money.
However we don’t need too much money, because we know that money is the root of evil.
That is to say, money is important, but there are many things more important than money in life.

Do you know the saying "Money doesn't grow on trees."
It means we can't get money easily, and I think we shouldn't get money easily.
But we are sometimes fascinated with the lottery.
So, money might have a power that we see a happy dream.

By the way, I asked a single girl "Which would you like to choose money or true love if you will get married?" in the lesson.
She answered that she would choose both.
It was a silly question maybe.
But money can’t buy endless happiness, can it?'s true that a diamond will continue sparkle always, but heart of love will not always.
But.....I think everyone usually had chosen true love.
Of course, me too!

Anyway, we can't become happy even if money is too much or only little.
It is an accepted fact that money makes the world go round.

My hometown ~熊本の風景~

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My hometown is Kumamoto City.
And Kumamoto is famous for Mt. Aso and has a lot of hot springs.
This summer we took my parents to the hot spring trip.
Actually my parents reached golden weddings this year.
Wow, it is the fiftieth weddings anniversary! Amazing! Wonderful!
So, we congratulated them, and we hope they will be in more happy.

By the way, Mt. Aso is the active volcano of altitude of about 1,500m,
and has five mountains and very large caldera.
Recently I heard Mt. Aso had first snow cap.
Though the cold winter will start, the snow scene also is very beautiful.

↑This is the photo of Nekodake in Mt. Aso in this summer.

And, I also want to recommend another place in Kumamoto.
It is Kikuchi ravine. There are some falls and we can enjoy the cold clear water and the nature negative ion at there.

↑This photo also is Kikuchi ravine in this summer.
It must be the best in red and yellow leaves now. 

I like these grand nature in my hometown.

A nice weekend ~女子会と料理教室~

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I had two nice meeting again on the weekend.

One was an only lady's party with my friends after an interval of half a year.
We had a dinner at a Italian restaurant that can see the beautiful night view.
It was happy for me to be able to share each joy with friends who assembled at there.

Another one was a cooking class joined in after an interval of more than one year.
We learned how to cook hors d'oeuvre, soup, salad, main-dish and dessert as Christmas foods at the cooking teachre's house.
I mainly made the hors-d'oeuvre of the smoked salmon with beets.
And those foods were all delicious and beautiful!
I was satisfied with the wonderful lesson with lovely members.

↑This is the hors-d'oeuvre that we made at the cooking class.
 The table setting also is very nice, right!?

French vegetables ~アーティチョーク&ホワイトアスパラガス~

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I like to go to the vegetable's direct sales shop, because we can meet
unusual vegetables and get some information at there.

And, I met artichoke and white asparagus at a marche in Paris this May for the first time. They are hardly seen in Japan.

Artichoke is the bud of flower.
After boiled, we peeled off the calyxes, and ate the root of them.
It was very delicious. But, we couldn't eat everything at that time,
and we didn't know the center of artichoke is the most delicious part.
And I heard it looks like the shape of a heart.
It must be cute, right? So I would like to see and taste it next time.
And artichoke is an excellent vegetable that has the dietary fiber a lot,
and has the effect of lowering the cholesterol level.

And ,about white asparagus, their feature is to have a little more proteins and carbohydrate than other vegetables.
I had never eaten the white asparagus such a big size that is not the canned.
It was also very delicious.

By the way, I found a farmer is growing artichoke in Miura City
in Kanagawa Prefecture.
So ,I'm looking forward to the next spring!

The top in the world ~スカイツリー&神田古本市~

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二つの世界一。電波塔の高さが一番!と 古本屋の数が一番!

I went to see Tokyo Sky Tree with my husband yesterday.
It will be completed in winter of 2011. And the height will be 634 meters, so it will be the highest radio wave tower in the world.
The tower that stands straight to the sky was growing up toward the world 1 !

After that, we went to Kanda used books festival.
This is a famous autumn event in Tokyo.
The first festival was held in 1960, so this year is 51st.
And there are 158 shops for used books in Kanda Jinbocho area.
I heard it is the world 1 as the number of used bookstores !
Though the electron books will increase in future , I like turning over one by one the page of paper.
We enjoyed searching and bought eight books at there.

↑The present height is 497 meters !

Teardrop ~涙のわけ~

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When do you shed tears?

Is it time you feel sad?
Is it time you feel lonely?
Is it time you feel chagrin ?
Is it time you are very glad?
Is it time you are impressed with beautiful story or music?
Is it time you recall someone who you can never see?
Is it time you noticed your own foolishness?
Is it time you touched someone's pure mind?

And, is it true that we can become strong as same as the quantity of tears?

I think that it depends on having how many experiences and emotions
and having faced things and the person how seriously.

By the way, my little toe hit furniture strongly in my house today.
It was terribly painful.
My tears fell down.....

Where is Pooh ?  ~バンビに遭遇 !~

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Recently, we see news that the bear appear in the village well.
It is a reason that they have to prepare for hibernation, but,
the food for them has decreased in the forest.
And, I think the news is really sad that they are killed.
But I don’t want to meet them of course.
Yes, because they are not the bear such as Teddy bear or Pooh.

When we went to a forest in Nagano Prefecture this summer,
we often saw signboard like this.

And, we met a deer's family one day!

It was lucky that we met not the bear but the deer at that time!!