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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪


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A lovely cat ~ネコと金魚~

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The cat that drinks water of fishbowl !金魚308_convert_20101029082639ネコと

This is a photograph that I took at a French woman's house in Paris.
This cat drinks the water of the fishbowl when thirsty, but he has never
eaten the goldfishes.

I feel this shot is very pleasing.(^^)


Phytochemical ~野菜たちってエライ!~

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I have been learning about nutrients of fruit and vegetables.
And I became feeling an attachment to them lately.
I think they are really great. Because they cannot move from the place,
so they are exposed to ultraviolet rays and wind and rain every day.
Therefore, they have “Anti-oxidation” to defend their body by their-selves.
It is called “Phytochemical”. Many of them are ingredients related to the
color, smells, bitter and painful of fruit and vegetables.
For example, Lycopene of tomato, Carotene of carrot, Jingeroru of ginger
and Capsaicin of red pepper...etc.
It is expected that they have the anti-cancer action and the anti-oxidative effect.
I'd like to know more them from now on.
Anyway, fruit and vegetables are great that work hard for alive without
moving from the same place!

Procession of Ants !? ~ルーブル美術館~

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I went to Paris in this May.
These are photos taken at the Louvre.
If you go to the Louvre, I recommend you to enter at the opening time.

At 9:00AM. The entrance was not crowded.


At 11:00AM. I was surprised at the long line of people.


I hope this is a good information for you.

Spider ~クモと素敵な女性~

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I have taken a nap in the train because I was very tired today.
When I woke up, I felt other passenger's eyes.
What happened to me? Why do you look at me? I was thinking.
And a young and beautiful lady has approached me.
She said, "A spider is attached to you" in a small voice.
Spider???!!! How come?! I was disturbed.
I stood up quickly, and asked her "Where is it?"
And, the spider was taken from the scarf on my neck by her.
It was a black spider of about 4 centimeters!((+_+))
Actually I hate spiders, and I feel they are very scary.
So, I appreciated her very much, and I respected her who can
catching by hand.
After that, the spider was moving around on the floor of the train.
Where did he want to get off?
Good luck the spider !!

Crystals of Love ~孤児院での笑顔~

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The children are treasure. The children are crystals of love.
I want to believe so .

Though it was two years ago already, I had gone to Cebu island for
a super-short time studying abroad.
To tell the truth, I was disappointed about the English lesson at there,
but I did some valuable experiences at that time, so please let me tell
here one of them.

The Cebu island is a wonderful resort, but I felt there were another
extreme worlds at the inside and outside of the hotel.
One day, I visited a orphanage that was on the back side of our hotel
with my classmates.  
About 50 children lived in the orphanage.
They seemed boring when we arrived, and I taught cat's cradle(AYATORI)
to a girl. She remembered at once cat's cradle I taught, then she taught
it to her friends. Their eyes seemed shining.

I heard the girl was a child between a Filipino woman and Japanese man
from a staff of the orphanage.
And I knew there are many children of such circumstances in Philippine.

It was a very small thing that I can do.
However, I was so glad to see their smile.
And I can’t forget the scene we saw from the orphanage,
and I am praying that they will be able to live with love and pride
in their future.

Happiness Color ~幸せの色~

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I read an interesting article in the newspaper that there is a map that was measured by the color about whether the people feel happy in Bhutan.
I think it must be a very colorful map!
And, I recalled that discussed about person’s character that see from
a favorite color in an English lesson before.

If you like black, you are intelligent and love to discuss serious things.
If you like blue, you like fresh air, being outdoors and cold weather.

If you like brown, you like to be in charge and tell others what to do.

If you like green, you care about the environment and love animals.
If you like pink, you love to laugh and don't take things too seriously.
If you like purple, you like to be alone and "do your own think."
If you like red, you have strong feelings and a quick temper.
If you like white, you love things to be neat and clean, and plan ahead.
If you like yellow, you are a happy, friendly person, and love being
in the sun.

How about you, though I don’t think that these are so correct?
But ,I think the color can do express my feelings in that time.
I wish we are with a happiness color always )^o^(

Persimmon ~実りの秋~

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I feel that autumn came these days at last, and I have received
persimmons from my parents' home. When I went home in summer,
the persimmon tree had made the shade with green leaves on their

By the way, the country of origin of persimmon is Japan and China.
And only about 20 kinds of fruit and vegetables are native to Japan
in all over the world, and persimmon is one of them, so it might be
called " kaki " in English and French too.
And a lot of vitaminsC and carotenes are contained in persimmons,
therefore, they have effect on prevention of the cold and the rough
dry skin !!
I want to enjoy the taste of the season with appreciation of
the harvest in autumn!(^^)!


Confidence  ~コミュニケーションの条件~

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What do you think about confidence in communication?
Actually I learned that it is very important to have confidence for good
communication in the first lesson of an English conversation class and
vegetable sommelier class. But I can't understand the meaning very well, and I'm troubled about it.
Confidence…I don't have confidence in myself yet, and I want to get it,
so I usually start learning something. But ,first of all, it seems that we
should have confidence when we interchange between people and people.
I feel difficult (ToT)/~~~ I wonder if everyone has such confidence.

By the way confidence has two meaning, right?
One, it is to believe the ability and value in oneself.
Another one, it is mind that one believe oneself.
That is to say, I think the second meaning is to evaluate and accept
And I think we might should have the second feeling in communication.
I'd like to try to be confident in myself !!

Fruit and Vegetables ~野菜ソムリエ~

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This summer I got a junior vegetable sommelier qualification.
Because I wanted to learn about fruit and vegetables for health
of my family. Actually my husband had a serious illness last year
and had a few operations. And I knew that vegetable meal is
necessary for a good health by reading some books at that time,
and I wanted to do anything I can do,
so I changed my home cooking to mostly vegetable meal.


Fortunately he recovered in about a half year.
I was sure of the effect on fruit and vegetables !!


By the way Vegetable sommelier is the unique qualification in Japan.
And the goal of junior vegetable sommelier is to become a person who
enjoys learning about, and sharing information about fruit and vegetables.
I knew fruit and vegetables have an identity, or character,
just like humans. It’s so interesting ,isn’t it?
I‘d like to learn about the true value and the fascination of many
fruit and vegetables !
And I hope the unique qualification spread to other countries from Japan.


Wonderful Time ~楽しいおしゃべり~

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I went for a drive in my best friend’s car today.
She took me to a restaurant in Chigasaki for lunch.
And we enjoyed eating and talking together as usual.
I think talking with someone is good for health,
especially with favorite person.
Yes, I wonder how many subjects I have talked with her until now, 
and how many times I was cheered up by talking with her.
And I think we can't separate eating and talking happily at table.
We were satisfied with a delicious food at the restaurant,
and we had a wonderful time today too.

Bird Watching   ~癒されて~

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One of my husband’s hobby is bird watching.
He started the hobby about five years ago.
Actually I was definitely not interested in bird watching before.
If anything, I couldn’t understand his feeling for the hobby.
But I sometimes go to trip for bird watching with him, and
I have known the enjoyment a little lately.

We usually enjoy the natural world with hiking.
We can feel the air and quietness of forest by our all sense
and sometimes see wild animals and rare wildflowers.
And I feel happy when I got the twitter of birds and found the cute birds.
So I think bird watching is a healing hobby.

Sense of Deliciousness  ~ママの味~

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Today I discussed about how to express flavor with my English teacher.
It was interesting and difficult very much.
We have a lot of sense of deliciousness.
And We can express flavor using our five senses, psychology and
environment, such as Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch, Memory,
Innate sense, Information, Location, Situation, Custom, and Culture.
And we discussed about an expression of deliciousness using memory.
In Japan, we sometimes express “Ofukuro no Aji” about nostalgic taste.
It means the taste like what my mother used to make.
And In English, they don’t have one word to express about nostalgic taste
like “Ofukuro no Aji” ,but they express that it reminds them of their
mother’s home cooking.
And In Japan, we sometimes express about deliciousness by the sound,
such as Kori-Kori, Shaki-Shaki, Pori-Pori…etc, but they don’t use sounds
for expressing about deliciousness of food in English.
I knew that there are difference between how to express flavor in English
and Japanese.
And I thought I want to be able to speak English again!!

Paraglider ~鳥のように~

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My son’s hobby is paraglidering.
I have never seen his flying scene yet, no, I might not want to see that.
Because I ‘m scared of flying in the sky.
He usually seems to fly at a height of about 700 meters,
and the highest record he has flown until now is a height of 1,500 meters.
And he had failed at the touchdown and injured before.
I can’t understand!
But he showed some photos and video to us recently.
And he told us about the attraction of paraglider.
I recognized that his hobby is nice and exciting.
Anyway I want he to be careful always and to have fun!!


English Conversation School  ~貴重な出会い~

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After shortly I returned home from the trip to San Francisco,
I tried a lesson of an English Conversation School.
It was a quite first experience for me, so I was very nervous at that time.
And I had answered quickly that I ‘d like to go to study abroad
when the school counselor asked me about my goal.
I think nobody thought it was a possible dream at that point in time,
but I went on a homestay visit to Sydney after about one year had passed.
That was unbelievable thing for me because it was necessary to have
a great courage, after all, I was an elementary class;
besides, a housewife.
And after another one year had passed, I went to study abroad to Cebu.
I had many wonderful experience through learning English.
So, I hope to do record of my experience on this blog by little and little.
Anyway I think it is important to meet a good school for student.

Three Holidays ~秋の三連休~

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We had three holidays in a row.

On Saturday and Sunday, I took a short-term class in Ginza,
and learned about the food style to improve inner beauty at the class.
The class was so interesting and I will take the test to get the license
on the end of this month, so I have to study for the test from today.

But today was the ideal weather for hiking.
So I went to Shonan area with my husband, besides early morning at 6 am!
First, we enjoyed seeing beautiful scene and walking on a hill.
We could see Mt.Fuji from the top of the hill and watching birds,
squirrel and some flowers.
Next, we went to a fishing port for lunch, and ate the local fish dishes
at a restaurant. It was so delicious!

My family and I had a good time each other and together
in this three holidays.

Calm Down ~きっかけの言葉~

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I have been studying English about four years.
I could hardly understand English before.
But I decided to learn English after a foreign travel.
The travel was a big challenge for me because I had to get on the plane alone,so I hesitated about the travel plan first.
But a word made me decided to go traveling.
The word, that was "Calm down" in the e-mail from my son.

One day, I sent e-mail to my son many times because I wanted to know if he was safe.At that time,he had gone to somewhere to his first paraglidering camp,and I didn’t have any information about the camp
and no contact from him made me worry.
When my feeling changed to anger from worry,he returned e-mail to me at last,but it was one word, besides only "Calm down" in English.
Why English??!! Then I didn’t know the mean "Calm down".
I looked up the word in a dictionary quickly.
And I realized he grew up and became independent from parents and I also had to become independent from child.
After that I decided to go to San Francisco where my friend lived in.

The travel was so wonderful and greatly excited me.
But I thought I could have had more enjoyable time if I could speak English.
So I started learning English.

Learning English is pleasure for me now.
Yes, I think the beginning was the word " Calm down" from my son.

やっと届いた息子からのメールは、たった一言”Calm down"(落ち着いてよ)だった。

Nobel Prize ~人とのつながり~

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Nobel prize for chemistry was awarded to two Japanese scientists
It was a big and so wonderful news for Japanese people.
And I was impressed with a comment of the scientist in TV news.
He said he came true his dream pursued over fifty years at last!
Wow!! Fifty years! It’s a half century!
I wonder how many difficulties he has gotten over for his dream.
And the scientists also spoke gratitude to their family and friends.
I think we can come true dreams on good relation between people and
Yes, I can’t achieve my goal just alone.
I’d like to appreciate what my family ,friends and teachers help and support for me.

First Step ~始めの一歩~

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This is the first step to improve my English.
And I'm a super-beginner of blog.
So, It is difficult to make my page for me.
But I'd like to enjoy learning English and writing blog.
I believe I can achieve my goal if I have work hard.