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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪


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I got the handmade Hummus from my English teacher today.

Do you know Hummus?

It's a healthy and traditional Middle East food like dip sauce.
The ingredients are chickpeas, tahini(sesame paste) , garlic, lemon juice and olive oil,etc.

So, I ate this with stick salad of cucumbers, yellow carrots and okras tonight.

It has mild garlic flavor and acetic taste, so delicious!
I love it!!

I enjoyed healthy food today too.

Thank you

酸味と濃くがあってガーリックの風味もほどよく、とても美味しかったです♪ ごちそうさまでした😃

Thank you for reading my blog. See you soon


Good Combination!

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We went to Kamikochi last weekend.

Kamikochi has a very beautiful natural environment and it's our favorite place.
We enjoyed walking and birdwatching, etc.

And I ordered the omelet rice for lunch at the restaurant in Kamikochi imperial hotel.

Wasabi leaf tempura was put on the omelet rice with beef stroganoff.
First I thought it's not a good combination, but, it was delicious!
Yeah, that combination was very well.
I recommend you to eat it if you'd go to Kmikochi this season.

意外にも相性バッチリ! おすすめです(^.^)

Thank you very much for reading my blog! See you soon

このブログも気長に続けていきますので、気が向いたらまた遊びにきてくださいね by mittanr

Canadian Kombu  カナダ産の昆布

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This is Canadian Kombu.
I got it from my English teacher last week.
It's written on this bag that Kombu is a highly prized and nutritious staple of Japanese cuisine.
And it's written about how to use Kombu, such as simmer pieces of Kombu in soups, stews, casseroles, or with soy sauce, honey and sake to make a tasty condiment.
And this Kombu was hand-picked ,sun-cured Laminaria from the clean, cold waters on Vancouver island's west coast.
Yeah, the taste is really good and it's thinner than Japanese Kombu.
I'll enjoy Kombu cooking with my English teacher at the next cooking lunch.
I'm looking forward to making Kombu dishes!


A Korean Sweet  ホットク

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Hi there,
Thank you very much for coming to my blog always.
Last month, I joined an event of the Korean language school that one of my friends has been running.
And I helped selling a Korean sweet called Hottoku at that event.
Have you ever eaten Hottoku?
You can usually get it at the stand shop in South Korea.
It looks like a hot cake, and cinnamon and brown sugar sauce are inside the cake.
Yeah, it was hot and very good! So we could sell all!!
And then, we enjoyed eating other Korean foods,
seeing drama by Korean and listening to song by Korean musician.
I hope Japan and Korea get along nicely with each other.


My Cooking Style  私のクッキングスタイル

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Hello everyone,
Thank you very much for coming to my blog always.
I'd like to show you this picture.
These all dishes were made from one Banpeiyu by myself.
Banpeiyu is the biggest citrus fruit that I wrote about it on this blog before.
I made salad, sauce, syrup, jam, and sweet.
I usually use everything of the vegetable or fruit.
That's my cooking style.
This picture is one example.
If you have time, please check my another blog.
You can see the detail.
http://ameblo.jp/mittanr/entry-11776828969.html (晩白柚を味わい尽くす)
Thank you.


Ginkgo nuts  銀杏のおつまみ

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Hi, Thank you very much for coming to my blog.
Do you like Ginkgo nuts?
As you know they don't have good smell, but delicious!
By the way, I wonder if people eat ginkgo nuts in Europe and America.
Because I've never eaten western dish with ginkgo nuts.
Well, I tried to crack ginkgo nuts I was given the other day.
It was not easily, because they have very hard husks!
First, I used microwave oven and frying pan to crack them.
Then, some of them cracked open like explosion!
Oh, my god!! I was scared very much!!!
So, I used nutcracker anyway.
And we ate half of them with olive oil, salt and black pepper.
It was so delicious!
I recommend it as a snack eaten with wine.



The New Year's Traditional Food Events in Japan 七草粥と鏡開き

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Hi,Thanks for coming to my blog.
Do you know the new year's traditional food events such as Nanakusagayu and Kagamibiraki?
There are some special traditional food events during the year in Japan.
Nanakusagayu is rice porridge with the seven grasses of spring,
and we usually eat it for breakfast on January 7 as a way of wishing for good health throughout the year.
And we usually take down kagamimochi( mirror-shaped rice cakes used in New Year's displays), divided up,
and cook Zenzai(Oshiruko) with sweet red beans soup on January 11. We call it Kagamibiraki.
I made Nanakusagayu and Zenzai(for Kagamibiraki) and ate them with my family this year too.
I wish we all have good health and happiness!

Christmas Special Drink ホットアップルサイダー

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My English teacher made the special drink for Christmas,
and we enjoyed drinking it when I went to her house.
The drink is called "Hot Apple Cider".
Why "cider"?
Because soda is usually called cider in Japan.
She said cider is apple juice or apple alcoholic drink.
I didn't know that.
And this hot apple drink included cloves, cinnamon, vanillabeans and star anise.
It was so delicious, good smell, and it must be a very healthy drink.
I love it, so I want to try making it at home!

え? 炭酸入ってないのにサイダー??

Traditional British Christmas Pudding   クリスマスプディング

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Christmas is coming soon, isn't it?
I guess you have Christmas party with someone.
Have you ever eaten traditional Christmas pudding?
The day before yesterday, I ate the Traditional British Christmas pudding made by my English teacher
for the first time.
It was so delicious and so exciting!
The ingredients were special, especially, she used the fat called "Suet" instead of butter.
Do you know suet?
It's a hard animal fat which grows around the kidneys of cows and sheep.
Yeah, it's a specialized product.
She said the texture is special and another fat like butter or shortening cannot be used.
So she had to find the shop that is selling suet.
And the pudding was mixed suet, brown bread, some dried fruits and spices ,etc.
After two weeks, it was steamed about for one hour.
And then, it was fired with cognac!
Wooow, we were very excited by the flambe pudding!!
And it had a really good smell.
We enjoyed eating this traditional British Christmas pudding with ice cream.
Yummy! I was sooooo happy!!
And I heard it was the recipe of her mother.
So I appreciate very much to her and her mother. Thank you!!!


一時間かけて蒸した後、コニャックをかけてフランべ! うぉ~大興奮~(笑)


Handmade Umeboshi Rice ball 自家製梅干しおにぎり

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Do you like Umeboshi?
Have you ever made Umeboshi?
Actually I made Umeboshi this year for the first time.
I had the chance to preserve fresh Ume in salt with my English teacher
at her house this summer.
It was really fun!
And we brought it to each home, continued to make Umeboshi.
It took about three months and completed

The other day, I made small rice balls with my umeboshi.

First, I boiled the rice with one umeboshi in a rice cooker.
Next, add small dried fishes and sesames in the umeboshi rice, and mix.
Then, make rice ball
Finally, wrap them with shiso(green perilla)

It was good!
If you like shiso, try to use shiso instead of nori for rice ball.

If you have time , please visit my another blog.
I posted about this rice ball in Japanese.
http://ameblo.jp/mittanr/entry-11625554269.html (自家製梅干しの大葉おにぎり)
↑ よろしかったら、こちらもご覧ください♪