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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪

Soybean's Sprout 三代目大豆の芽!

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I've been growing soybeans at my small veranda since three years ago.
The soybeans are conventional seeds, and these sprouts are the third- generation!
I was really happy when I found the sprout.
My goal of this year, I do beer party with Edamame green soybeans!



Spectacle Ballet   スペクタクルバレエ

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Hi there,
Thanks for coming to my blog always.
The other day, I went to see a ballet by K ballet company with my friends.
Do you know the famous ballet dancer Tetsuya Kumakawa?
He is the head of K ballet company.
I saw his ballet for the first time.
It was so wonderful, and I was really impressed with the stage direction.
Yeah, it was the spectacle ballet certainly.
Bravo! Many audiences gave standing ovation!!
So, I was very satisfied though the ticket was expensive for me.


Making Christmas Cards   クリスマススカード作り

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Hi, Thanks for coming to my blog.
I changed the template of my blog today because I want to change my mind and found the nice design.
I like this template.

By the way, I made some Christmas stamps and cards at my English teacher's house yesterday.
I hadn't used chisels for a long time.
But,carving eraser was not difficult, and it was so fun!

And we ate the traditional British Christmas pudding made by my English teacher.
It was sooooo delicious!
About that, I'd like to post next time.
See you soon.

For Good Soil    落ち葉と土作り

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Hi, thanks for coming to my blog.
Wow,one week passed already since December started.
I've been busy these days.
How about you?
Well I'm making soil for my vegetable's small garden right now.
So I picked up fallen leaves at the park near my house,
and then I covered soil by the fallen leaves because to protect soil from dryness.
Ah, I mixed some organic garbage to the soil.
It will be delicious soil!
Yeah, the snowman has keeping an eye on my soil;)


Have a nice weekend!!

FIT for Charity Run  チャリティーマラソン初参加!

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Yesterday, I competed in a charity marathon with my husband and friends
for the first time.
The weather was perfect for marathon, and I enjoyed running around
National Stadium and Meijijingu Gaien.
I entried 5kilometer run and I took 38 minutes to finish.
About 9,000 people joined this charity marathon.
And I was impressed with this event is managed by many volunteers.
By the way, National Stadium will be rebuilded for Tokyo Olympic 2020 as you know.
So, I was very happy to run on the track of this stadium!
I felt like an athlete:)



国立競技場の聖火台も見納めだなぁ。 ここで数々のドラマが生まれたのですね~

FIT for Charity Runが、全てボランティアによって運営されていることにも感動でした!

Electronic Piano 我家にピアノがやってきた♪

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Hi,thanks for coming to my blog always.
And I appreciate that many friends concerned about my sick.
Thank you very much for your kind words.
Today I went to an other doctor.
I'm getting better very slowly.
Anyway, I'm going to beat the terrible sick in my spirit!!
And, please be careful about your health of yourself.
I don't want you to catch a bad cold like this.

By the way, the electronic piano arrived at my house last week.
I used to play piano when I was young.
But I have rarely played piano after I was married.

Well, my son has been going a piano lesson
after he became a member of society about four years ago.
It was really surprise for me.
Because I wanted him to go to a piano lesson when he was a small kid,
but he rejected playing piano,so I gave up at that time.
And he is going to take part in a piano concert this weekend.
His program is "Moonlight" 1st mov piano sonata of Beethoven.
He had only a small keyboard. How did he practice!!??
But I listened to that he was playing well the other day.
I'm looking forward to going to the piano concert.
And I'd like to enjoy playing this electronic piano too.



The Vegetable's Bouquet   野菜のブーケ

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Hi, thank you very much for coming to my blog always.
How are you?
It's been hot these days,hasn't it?
I can't believe it's in the middle October.
I'd like to enjoy nice season,if possible.
Actually I have a problem with my throat, and I got a bad cough,
so I couldn't sleep well last night.
It's been a while since I had a cold.
But, don't worry about that.
I'm all right, so I'm writing this blog now.
And I got medicine for a cough.

By the way, this picture is the bouquet I made the other day.
I made it with vegetables and herb.
It had the good smell by perilla(Shiso).
After enjoyed as the bouquet, I made salad with that materials.
Because I'd like to eat before it goes bad!
You can see the salad's pics on another blog.

Yes, it was so delicious!
I feel happy if you'd be interested in vegetable's fascination.


これがまた美味しかったのです(←自画自賛 苦笑)

Entertainers  - エンターテーナー -

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Hi,How are you doing?
I feel "Time flies" always!!
By the way, I saw two interesting shows this month.
One is the theater "A Tale of Two Cities".
Another one is the violin's concert by Taro Hakase.
These were so wonderful.
I was very impressed with the great talent of these entertainers.
And I enjoyed both shows at S seat by courtesy of my friends!
Yeah, I was so happy, and I really appreciated their inviting me.;)


It was the supreme love story.
All audiences gave standing ovation.


This concert was the best for me until now,
the acoustic sound of violin was wonderful.


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Miso Making Lesson   -  手作り味噌レッスン -

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I joined a cooking lesson with my English teacher and her friends yesterday.

We learned about how to make miso from a nice Japanese couple in English.

First, we mashed boiled beans by a small glass pot.

Next, mixed mashed beans, brown rice (genmai) koji and salt.
Then, made miso balls like onigiri.

miso lesson

After that, wiped down a ceramic pot by shochu.

And then, we put salt, miso balls and a red pepper into the ceramic pot.

Finally we covered the miso with sakekasu.

We can open the pot one year later! Wow, I can't wait!!

And we also got yuzu miso and miso muffins at that time.
They were so delicious!

It was very fun.
And I enjoyed the interesting cooking lesson in English!
We had a really wonderful time!!


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A Wonderful Movie - レ・ミゼラブル -

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Hi, have you ever seen the movie " Les Miserables" already?
I saw this movie at last the other day.
I was very impressed with the story, music, performance, direction and everything.
I've never seen the movie such as my eyes were intent upon screen.
So,I wanted to say " Bravooooo!" at the ending.
Yeah, it was a wonderful movie absolutely.
If you haven't seen this movie yet, I really recommend to go to movie theater.
And I think you can't keep back your tears, so bring handkerchief!

まだの方は是非!! ハンカチも忘れずにね^^

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