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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪

My Refreshment Food カラフルミニトマト

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I eat tomato every day.
Especially I love mini tomato.
I ate them at my break time.
These tomatoes have beautiful colors.
Red, Yellow, Orange, Zebra stripe purple color.
They're colorful and so delicious.
They made me happy!



Making Umeboshi  梅干し作り

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I made Umeboshi yesterday.
I'm trying new way.
There is no weight on top of the ume to push them down.
And after a few days, add the purple shiso leaves in the glass jar.
Then, after rainy season, I don't dry them, I put the whole jar outside in the sun about 7 days.
I hope it works!


Twin Cherries 双子のさくらんぼ

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Cherry is seasonal fruit in early summer in Japan.
I like cherry, so I eat them often.
And, I found these twin cherries when I ate cherries today.
Wow, very cute!
I don't mind though they're irregular type and seem unsaleable.
Besides, they were delicious like the same as others.


Tomato Jelly トマトゼリー

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I tried making tomato jelly. It was almost good. But I'll practice again and again.
By the way, tomato has lycopene as you know. It's from red color and has the effect on high anti-oxidation, so tomato is vegetable that has health benefits.


Loquat 枇杷

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I got loquats today. They are very seasonal fruit in Japan. We can eat them in just early summer. I love loquats because they are delicious and contain a lot of Carotene. Carotene will change to Vitamin A in your body, and Vitamin A has the benefit for your health and beauty. Loquats are wonderful fruit!

英語のloquat は広東語「盧橘」(ロウクワッ)に由来するそう。

Lovely Carrots

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I got organic fresh carrots.

They are in love!

Very cute:)

The Biggest Citrus Fruit 晩白柚(ばんぺいゆ)

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Hi, Thanks for coming to my blog.
Have you ever eaten this big citrus fruit called Banpeiyu?
It is quite bigger than Hassak such as a regular size's orange.
I heard Banpeiyu is the biggest citrus fruit in the world.
This Banpeiyu came from my hometown Kumamoto.
It has a good smell, so we put it on our living room,
and enjoy looking and smelling first.
Yeah, our living room is filled with the fresh and sweet smell.
And I'm looking forward to eating it!


Fresh Black Soybeans 黒枝豆

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I'm interested in finding and eating rare vegetables.
Have you ever eaten fresh black soybeans?
I eat dry black soybeans(kuromame)sometimes.
But I ate fresh black soybeans like this picture for the first time.
It's really a seasonable vegetable.
I boiled them with salt water.
These were soft and delicious though looks are not good.
Besides, black soybeans have a lot of polyphenol.
So, they will help our health.


The Package From My Hometown メロンとキウイと栗の渋皮煮と♪

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Hi, thanks for coming to my blog.
I got the package from my parents who live in Kumamoto city last weekend.
I felt happy when I opened the box.
Because the package contained melon, kiwifruits, citrus(kabos),
rice, the bottle of tomato's sauce, the syruped chestnuts(shibukawani).
Yeah, my family and I love these food.
Especially I really like the syruped chestnuts made by my mother.
I'm looking forward to eating them every autumn.
And I heard my father helped to peel the hard chestnuts.
Oh, thanks a lot, dad and mom! I always really appreciate.

By the way, have you noticed you had a poor crop of melon this summer?
I'll eat the melon like this for the first time this year.

These are kiwifruits grown in my parents' garden. Juicy and sweet!!

The hand made syruped chestnuts (shibukawani) by my mother and father!
Sooooo delicious!!


Boiled Peanuts 茹で落花生

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Hi, Thanks for coming to my blog.
The big and powerful typhoon NO.18 is moving northward.
I'm scared of the storm.
Are you all right?
I'm hoping the typhoon doesn't give any damages to you.

By the way, I bought fresh peanuts and boiled them yesterday.
They were really delicious.

Nut kinds like peanuts contain Vitamin E.
And fresh types also contain Vitamin C.
They will help your anti-aging!