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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪


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English Radio Course ラジオ講座

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Hi there,
Thanks for coming to my blog always.
I've been listening to the English Radio Course called "English Conversation Time Trial" since about one year.
I'm not good at responding quickly,so that is useful to improve my English.
I think a lot of Japanese people can't speak even English easy phrases well
though everyone can understand them.
Yeah, me too.
So,I'd like to keep up this radio course.
Good practice makes me fun!



That sounds good. それでお願いします。

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Hi, Thanks for coming to my blog.
I've been learning about sentences for communication on the telephone and Internet this week.

By the way, my husband makes dinner on weekend sometimes.
He likes cooking too.
And the other day I had to go out until night, so he mailed to me.
" Do you want me to make dinner this evening?"
" Yes! If it's not too much trouble."
" I'll make something with fish and vegetable."
" That sounds good. Thank you!"

Yeah, this picture is that dinner he cooked.
Does that look delicious?
Yes, we enjoyed that nice dinner!

「~そう」と言いたい時は、”That sounds ~”や ”That looks ~”
”That sounds good.”は、相手の提案に対して、お願いしますという時にも使えるのですね。

What are you into?   何にはまってる?

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Hi,Thanks for coming to my blog.
I'm happy if you enjoy reading my article.
As you know we have a difference weather in Japan right now.
It's raining and a little chilly here in Yokohama,
but it's supposed to be sunny and very hot in the Western part of Japan.
Oh, it's a strange weather, isn't it?
By the way, recently, what are you into?
I'm into gardening, and also black tea time recently.
Actually I have taken black tea lesson once a month from May.
I learned about the major source, process, types and how to make good tea, etc.
It's so interesting and delicious!
So, I enjoy drinking black tea often at home.

"be into" は、「はまっている」「凝っている」「大好き」という意味で使えるそうです。
This picture is the first Black tea lesson.


" right now "の復習

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Good morning!
It's been cloudy or rainy, hasn't it?
Yeah,it's the rainy season right now,isn't it?
I hope it'll be over soon.

ところで、right now は、「ちょうど今」と訳していましたが、
「今は」や、「今なら」、「今のところ」 という表現にピッタリだそうです。

例えば、今なら話せますか? と尋ねたい時は、
Can you talk right now?


My mother mailed this picture to me a few days ago.
Many loquats ripen at my parent's garden right now.
I heard these were so sweet!


Communicating on the Go 終わり方が大事

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Good morning!
I learned some phrases for the end of communicating on the radio course today.
And I knew that we shouldn't say just "See you."
And you can say "See you then." or "see you there." when you need to respond quickly.
Yeah, these are convenient phrases!

"See you."だけで終わるのは良くないと初めて知りました。なるほど~

This is one of pics I took when I visited KAMIKOCHI two weeks ago.
I hope you feel a lovely cool breeze.
See you tomorrow.


"be supposed to" の復習

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Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog always.
I want to review of the radio course "English Conversation Time Trial"
on this blog from now on.
Actually I had been confusing about my goal recently.
And I should go back to the basics.
So, I'll practice making sentences by using phrases that I learned in the radio course.
It's supposed to be useful for my English!


今日学んだのは、be supposed to~
~することになっている、 ~するはず ・・・という表現。


This is the bouquet of vegetables and flowers I made.
We're not supposed to just eat vegetables.
We're supposed to enjoy vegetables by five senses.
This art is supposed to be popular in the future.