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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪

A Huge Statue of Buddha in Kamakura   鎌倉大仏

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Hi there,
Thank you for coming to my blog always.
How was your weekend?
I went to Kamakura with my husband.
And we visited Kotokuin temple where famous for Kamakura Daibutsu.
Daibutsu means a huge statue of Buddha.
It was builded in Kamakura era, and it is a national treasure in Japan.
The height is about 13m.
And this Daibutsu's face is cool, isn't it?
He always has a dignified air.
I prayed for my family, Japan and world peace.




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I went to Kamakura with my husband today.
We enjoyed walking in a peaceful atmosphere.
Sunshine, breeze and beautiful flowers...
We had a good time.


Japanese rose



Mitsumata plant

和紙の原料にもなる みつまたの花

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Drive to Seaside ~海辺のドライブ~

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Hello, thank you for visiting my blog!
It was nice and warm today, so we went to Shonan area by car.
Spring beach was calm and shining!
And we ate five kinds of curries for lunch at an Indian food restaurant.
Then we went to our favorite variety shop and bought a painting.
I really like it!
Next we went to a grocery store for shopping.
And I made some food for dinner and enjoyed eating and drinking as usual!







Have a nice weekend!!

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Black Soybean Natto ~黒豆納豆~

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Hi, welcome to my blog.
Today, I'd like to introduce black soybean natto in Kamakura.
Do you like natto?
I like natto, and I usually eat regular natto bought at supermarket.
But I get this black soybean natto when I went to Kamakura.
Though I usually eat regular natto with rice after stir I eat this as is.
And I eat one by one with salt and blackpepper or wasabi soysauce
because the size of black soybean natto is bigger than regular one.
It's so delicious!

鎌倉山納豆(Kamakurayama Natto)の黒豆納豆


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Kamakura Walking ~鎌倉散策~

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Hello, thank you for visiting my blog.

How did you spend your time today?

I went to Kamakura with my husband.
Though we have been to there plenty of times,
I always feel very enjoyable.

Today, we visited Tsurugaoka-hachimangu shrine,
Kamakuragu shrine and Zuizenji-temple.
And we ate a nice food for lunch, then enjoyed shopping a little.

We met a lot of colorful scenes.
Kamakura made us happy today too.

Besides, we walked about 15,000 steps in Kamakura!
It was a good exercise for us!!


“季節の野菜のどんぶり” とてもカラフル!グリルしたお野菜が香ばしく美味しかった。

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A Noted Sweet in Kamakura ~権五郎力餅~

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お店に行くと必ず買うのが 鎌倉名物“権五郎力餅”です

Hello, thank you for coming to my blog.

By the way, have you ever been to Kamakura?
Actually, I often go to Kamakura because it's not a distant
place from my house.
And there are many nice shops and historical spots in Kamakura
and Shonan area.

So, I’ll sometimes introduce these nice spots and products I
found from now on.

Well, the day before yesterday, I went on picnic to Inamuragasaki
by train with my husband, but we returned to Kamakura from
Inamuragasaki on foot because my husband loves walking!
I exhausted, but we were able to enjoy visiting some shrines and
eating a green tea’s ice-cream cone and some snacks.

So, today, I’d like to show you about one of the special product
in Kamakura.

It’s a Japanese cake shop of long standing near Goryo-shrine
I heard the shop has been run since about three hundred years ago.

It’s the rice cake put with small bean sweet paste(Gongoro-
Not too sweet, and simple taste. I like it!


Thanks for reading my blog today too.
See you!

Sajima ~佐島~

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The rainy season has ended last weekend in Kanto area.
When I got up at yesterday morning, the weather was so beautiful,
so my husband and I went driving to Shonan, and we ate nice fish's food
for lunch at the popular restaurant"Umibe".
It was so delicious!


A Happening ~北鎌倉散策&鳶にお稲荷さん!~

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稲荷寿しをワシ掴み、いやトンビ掴み! しかも2個~衝撃の瞬間でした。

I went to Kamakura with my husband yesterday.
And we enjoyed walking around Genjiyama and Kitakamakura.
It was a beautiful and calm day.
057_北鎌hana サクラ069_北鎌
北鎌 075_北鎌橋

But, we had a first shocking experience at there!
When we were eating Inarizushi on a bench, a kite whizzed through us
and took Inarizushi in a flash!! Oh my God~~!!!
We were very very surprised.
It was the happening in a split second.
And I knew it was right that the kite like deep-fried bean curd.

"with a stupid look of surprise"と表します。な感じかな。。。

Hayama Marina ~葉山マリーナ~

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My husband took me to Hayama marina yesterday.

And we enjoyed a nice lunch with the beautiful view
at a restaurant in there.

We used to enjoy sailing when we were young,
because my husband has the sailing license for yacht.

I wish we could enjoy sailing again.

hayama5.jpg hayama4.jpg
hayama2.jpg hayama1.jpg

I recommend this restaurant in Hayama malina.


Three Holidays ~秋の三連休~

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We had three holidays in a row.

On Saturday and Sunday, I took a short-term class in Ginza,
and learned about the food style to improve inner beauty at the class.
The class was so interesting and I will take the test to get the license
on the end of this month, so I have to study for the test from today.

But today was the ideal weather for hiking.
So I went to Shonan area with my husband, besides early morning at 6 am!
First, we enjoyed seeing beautiful scene and walking on a hill.
We could see Mt.Fuji from the top of the hill and watching birds,
squirrel and some flowers.
Next, we went to a fishing port for lunch, and ate the local fish dishes
at a restaurant. It was so delicious!

My family and I had a good time each other and together
in this three holidays.