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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪

I wish that I could say it better.

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Hello everyone,
What are you doing?
It’s raining here today, so we canceled tennis.
Well, I’d like to show you this music video today.
It's the English version of“LOVE LOVE LOVE ”
I think you know the song by Japanese famous band Dreams Come True.
This was sung by The United in English.
I heard it in the radio program Time Trial.
I love the melody and lyrics.
So I attach this video in my blog.
I’m happy if you enjoy listening to it.
Thank you.

先日の英会話タイムトライアルの中で、ドリカムのヒット曲『LOVE LOVE LOVE』の英語バージョンの紹介があって、
歌っているのは、The United ヨーロッパ5カ国の出身者で結成されたグループ。

I wish that I could sing it to you now.
I wish that I could say it better.

Have a great weekend!
See you soon


A Wonderful Music Video - 大震災から二年の日に -

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Hi, thank you very much for visiting my blog.
As you know,we had a big earthquake at Tohoku area in Japan two years ago.
Yes, two years passed, but almost all the construction for recovery hasn't finished yet,
and many people are still in hard time.
By the way,I saw a wonderful music video in a musician's blog recently.
I love this melody, and I heard many pictures in video were taken in Fukushima.
Yeah, they are soooo beautiful!
So, I'd like to share this video with you today.

ミュージシャンのN郎さん 作曲の作品です。

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Can't Help Falling in Love - 好きにならずにいられない -

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I like this song. It reminds me my youth.
Now, I suppose falling in love is necessary for us.
But,it means applying not only to someone but to every things.
To your friend, job, hobby and something.
Because love has a big force and sympathy.
If you can't help falling in love with something,
I'm sure you grow up by the great experience
even if you have been in a hard time.



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Everything's gonna be OK

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Hi,thank you for visiting my blog,
I appreciate many visitors coming.

The other day, I listened to my nostalgic song from car radio
when I was driving freeway.

It's one of my favorite songs and I found the lyrics on You Tube.
So, I'd like to share this song with you today.

Can you take my breath away?
take O's breath away (人)をハッとさせる



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Salad Music Video ~サラダミュージックビデオ~

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Hello thank you for coming to my blog.
Today, I'd like to introduce a music video.

This music video was produced by Mr. Ryo Ito.
He is a music producer.
And we are follower in Twitter, and I knew this project from his tweet.
I thought it was an interesting and happy project.

And he was looking for salad’s photos for this video at that time.
So I invited my English teacher to join it because she and I like talking about
cooking and she is good at making salad.

The video’s title is "La La La of Salad". It sounds fun, right?!
It's a really nice song with many salad's photos.
And yes, actually there are salad's photos my English teacher and I made
in this video.
Her salad's photos are "英会話の先生が作ったサラダ"and "サラダディナー",
and my salad's photo is "シカクマメサラダ".

I’m very glad to join in this video, and I feel happy!
And, I hope you enjoy listening and seeing it.
You might feel like making and eating salad.
Thank you.

Amazing! ~伝説のスピーチ~

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I saw a video on You Tube a few days ago.
It was a film on which twelve years old girl had made a speech
at the conference of environment held in Brazil in 1992.
Her name is Severn Suzuki. It is called the legend amazing speech.
I was really impressed with her speech, and I regret I had been too carefree
until now.

What have we done for the earth and the environment,
though about twenty years passed from that time?
I’m sure we have to think about the future global environment
for not us ,but our posterity.


From Glee ~信じることをやめないで~

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 “Don’t stop believing” の動画を見つけました。
そして、Gleeには ”合唱”という意味ともう一つ。。。

I like this American TV drama.
This is a musical comedy of the glee club in a high school.
But glee club seem to be quite different between in Japan and America.
And I knew there are two meaning "joy" and "chorus" in Glee. Anyway
I'd like to recommend watching this drama to you if you want to be cheerful.
You can watch this drama on NHKBS premium from 10:00p.m on Fridays.

And my favorite sentence in this drama is
“By its very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy.”

For the Future ~持続可能な未来を求めて~

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I believe the recovery of Japan.
And we should think whether we need nuclear power plants for peaceful
life in the future. I think so now.

Pray for Japan ~日本への祈り~

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I'd like to show you the message that people all over the world pray
for Japan. And I want to leave it on my blog so that the gratitude,
feelings to help each other and this current feelings will not forget.

Dancing ~言葉を越えて~

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You might already have seen this video because it is very popular.

You feel happy when you see this video, don't you?
I think it is great to link up around the world by this interesting dance.
The dance can clear the difference of language, right?
I wish people all over the world could have a smile as they do in this video.
And..., if he comes to this area of Japan again, I might join in the
dancing,because even I can do the dancing like his dance!