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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪

Agriculture  農業

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I took private lesson for English conversation today.
And we learned about Agriculture, and discussed about why people first started farming and how change in human cultural development.
It was really interesting subject for me.
I want to review about that before my next lesson.

今日のプライベートレッスンでは、私たちの先祖が農業を始めた理由や、農業によって大きく変わった人々の暮らしなどについて学びました。とても興味ある内容なので、英語でもさらに深く学びたいと思います。 ちなみに、Agricultureの Agriはラテン語でfield(畑、田、牧草地)を意味するそうですよ。


First Lesson of The New Year

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How was your new year's holiday?
I had a wonderful time with my family.
Today, I took my first English lesson of the new year.
And my English teacher and I talked about each holidays.
She visited Thailand alone and had a great time!
I was so interested in her story.
And she gave me some souvenirs such as corianser, honey and cinnamon.
I love them and felt happy.
We 'll enjoy talking and learning about food and health this year too.
And I want to write this blog more!


Thank you for reading my blog. See you soon

A Set Phrase & A Big Mint

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Hi there. How have you been?
I've been fine, a little busy though.
The rainy season has set in, hasn't it?
How do you like the weather?
By the way, I learned a helpful set phrase in order to decline something.
It's " I need to take a rain check."

" I need to take a rain check." 「またの機会にお願いします」

何故”rain check”なのかは定かではありませんが、

And I got a big mint called Ricolamint from my English teacher the other day.
It's the left side mint of this picture.
The right side is Spearmint.

Yeah, Ricolamint is bigger than Spearmint very much, right?
My English teacher has been growing that in her garden.
It has a really good smell and fresh taste.
I enjoyed the soda drink with a leaf of the mint.
It was so delicious!!


Thank you very much for reading my blog! See you soon

Healthy Japan  長寿国日本のワケ

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I took my English lesson today.
My English teacher and I talked about healthy Japan.
It was an interesting topic for us.
Yeah, Japanese have the longest lifespan in the world and this can be explained by looking
at the diet, lifestyle, good hygiene and medical care system.
But, on the other hand, some health problems remain in Japan such as high rates of smoking
among men and over-consumption of salt.
And I think Japanese should eat more fruit and vegetables.
I like vegetable's salad because it is healthy.
But, Why it's healthy?
Um, it's difficult to explain well.
Actually my English teacher gave a homework today.
I have to make two lists:
1)five foods that are good for my health that I frequently eat;
2)five unhealthy foods that I eat;
and at the next lesson, I have to do presentation about why each of these foods is healthy
or unhealthy.
OH, it's a hard work, but it must be useful for me, so Enjoy!

This picture is a healthy salad I made a few days ago.
I used Canadian kombu, tomatoes, eggplants and green peppers.
It was delicious!



Food and Health   食と健康

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I decided to take English conversation lesson about food and health from this month.
It's interesting and I could have a positive thinking.
By the way, are you thinking about health rather than taste, when you are shopping at grocery store?
I like healthy food, so I do care about nutrition, especially vitamin or mineral.
But I love tasty food of course!
And I think it is important to enjoy eating for good health.
Anyway, I'd like to learn about food and health in English, and I aim to achieve my goal.
I'll do my best!

These are my favorite small tomatoes called tomato berry.
Their looks are very cute, and very delicious!


Interesting Lesson   面白いレッスン

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Hi there,
Thanks for coming to my blog.
I took English conversation lesson today too.
We talked about healthy or unhealthy foods.
I think my favorite foods almost of all are healthy foods.
But the most efficient way to get nutrition is to eat fruit and vegetables and small fishes directly.
I learned that from an English text book.
I agree with that opinion, but it might difficult to do so, because I like meats, sweets and alcohol.
Anyway it was interesting to talk about foods.

By the way, I borrowed the magazine from my English teacher today.
Wow, ”How To Get Better With Age".
It must be a good magazine for me!


The Big Problem  前置詞 "of " の勘違い

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Hi, Thanks for coming to my blog.
I usually take the English conversation lesson on Thursday.
And I learned about a very important English rule today.
Yeah, I was shocked that I didn't learn about that until now.
I was mistaken about the preposition " of ".



✓①Could you tell me the restaurant's telephone number?

✓②Could you tell me the telephone number for the restaurant?

✕③Could you tell me the telephone number of the restaurant?




①その本が、Michikoのものだったら、This is Michiko's book.
②その本が、Michikoのものではなく借りているものだったら、This is the book for Michiko.

私は、①のMichiko's bookのように所有格でアポストロフィを付けて表現できる言葉は、
the book of Michiko と前置詞ofでも表現できると、今まで思っていましたよ。。。


Yes! I'm happy to learn English!!

Corrections & A Dancing   添削と大豆のダンス

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Hi, Thanks for coming to my blog.
I took an English conversation lesson today, and I got some corrections for my blog from my teacher, so I want to inform about my mistakes.
I'm happy if that be useful for you.


We made some dishes with yellowtail and ate them.
Because we got a natural wild fresh yellowtail last week.
I was very surprised when the package of yellowtail arrived at my house.
Actually I didn't know my husband bought it on the Internet.
So, I shouted,”Why did PaPa(my husband) buy it?! Who will cut that big fish?!”
And I emailed " Come home shortly!!" to him.
Well,we cut it at late night late at night after he came home.
It was not easy for us of course.
Can you image imagine our kitchen?
But the sashimi was so delicious at that night late that night.
And the pot food for yellowtail called "Buli Shabu" was really good!
Yeah, we enjoyed cooking some kinds of dishes with yellowtail and eating them
for about four days.
And I felt more thankful for getting the living things because we cut the big fish by ourselves.

pot food...この場合はShabu Shabu(しゃぶしゃぶ)と書いた方が通じるそうです。

And I felt...のセンテンスは、下記が先生のアドバイス。
→ And I felt very thankful for the life of this fish because we finally enjoyed it so much.

それから、天然ものはWILD, 養殖はFARMED.

By the way, I have been growing soybeans in the PET bottles.
I have them listen to music sometimes.
I guess they like dancing with music.
That looks fun!


Lovely Corrections   感激のアドバイス

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Hi, Thanks for coming to my blog.
As you notice, my English is not perfect, so I'm worried about my writing sometimes.
However this is the blog to improve my English, so I want you to forgive my mistakes,
and I'm very happy if we could share something together.

By the way, I took an one-to-one English conversation lesson yesterday.
And I got some corrections and advices for my blog from my teacher.
I was really glad to her heartful advice.
She is my favorite teacher and friend.
We met about five years ago.
And we like healthy food, cooking, traveling and gardening,
Yeah, I want to get talking in English fluently with her.
But that is not easy for me of course.
When I wondered if I stopped this blog and I lost my confidence, she always encouraged me.
Yes, I really appreciate her help.



Well, I write down some corrections below,
I hope these are useful for you too.

From my previous articles.

- It's been cloudy or rainy, hasn't it?
- It's been cloudy and rainy these days, hasn't it?

 or ではなくand.  these daysを付けるとよりナチュラル。

- I learned some phrases for the end of communication on the radio couse.
- I learned some phrases for ending a conversation on the radio couse.

 the end of communication だと、Byebyeなどの言葉のことになるため、
 See you などについてであれば、ending a conversationの方が適切。
 因みに、親しい間柄であれば、カジュアルに”See you."のみでもOKとのこと。

- I met old friends of yacht club.
- I met old friends from the yacht club.

 of ではなくfrom. 日本人がよく間違うパターンらしい。

この他にも、私がよくミスする "look at" "see" "watch" の使い方のアドバイスなども

日本人は、"Where are you from?"という質問を、いきなり初対面でしてくるのだけれど、
"I met a foreigner." ではなく、"I met someone from another country."の方が


Thank you very much for reading my long writing.
I'd like to have positive thinking, and I'll do my best step by step!

This is the picture I took at Azusa river side in Kamikochi.
I'd like to live like this river.


Have a nice Friday night and a great weekend!!
CU soon;)

The Rainbow on My Dictionary

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Hi,thank you very much for coming to my blog!
I took an English lesson yesterday.
And I learned about Halal and Kosher.
Do you know that?
Halal is the meat from an animal that has been killed according to Muslim law.
And Kosher is the meat prepared according to the rules of Jewish law.
In the lesson, we talked about the similarities and differences between Halal and Kosher.
It was so interesting and I was surprised at the difference of food culture.
And I reviewed yesterday's lesson today.

Then, I saw the rainbow on the dictionary!
It's beautiful, isn't it?
I felt happy;)




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