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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪

Metro in Paris ~メトロでの出来事~

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Have you ever used metro in Paris?
When I went to Paris we used a lot metro as the means to move.
It was very convenient, but I was surprised about a few things.
For example, some train has not automatic door, so we had to open
the door of train by ourselves sometimes.
And amateur musicians suddenly play their instrument in the train,
and they ask passengers for some money.
I have never experienced these things in Japan.
How about you?

And besides, we met a pickpocket group at metro.
When we got on the train, some children bumped to us.
It was a group of about five children from kids to teenager.
I noticed quickly about that, so we guarded our bags from them.
So they left from us, and went to next car.
Actually I had heard about the fact of children's pickpocket group
before the trip, and we didn't have accident, but I was very shocked
because they were really children who have pretty face.
Exactly, Paris is a city of individualism and free will,
and I thought it has two sides of the both of good thing and bad thing.
230_metro in Paris

Today’s vocabulary
Individualism(個人主義) free will(自由意思)


A turning point  ~マルシェ in パリ~

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Hello, welcome to my blog! I appreciate your visit.
Well, today, let me show you some photos.
They are photos of market(marche) that I took in Paris just one year ago.
Actually, I had not decided to study about vegetable sommelier before
the trip yet. But I noticed I had taken photos of many fruits and vegetables
after the trip. I wondered why I was so interested in marche.
As a matter of fact, one of my friends lived in Paris at that time,
and I went to Paris with another friend in Japan.
And my friend in Paris took us to a few local shops and marche.
I was excited at marche travelers can not usually visit, and I really
enjoyed seeing, buying and eating unusual fruit and vegetables.
And, after I returned to Japan, I took the vegetable sommelier’s class soon.
Maybe, if I haven't met these fruit and vegetables at the trip I might not have
got the diploma as junior vegetable sommelier.
Yeah, I feel the visit to marshe in Paris was a turning point for me.

Today's vocabulary from Thesaurus
turning point(転機)≒head/landmark/watershed/crisis/crossroads
These are all words for a time or event when an important change
takes place or you make an important decision.

World Heritage Site ~モン・サン・ミッシェル~

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I went to Mont-Saint-Michel of world heritage this year.
And I was impressed with that history and atmosphere.

I heard Mont-Saint-Michel started by the message of St.Michel that seems the strong angel in the 8th century.
And the golden period for pilgrimage was to 13th from 10th century.
And it was used as the fort during the 100years war between England and France in the 14th century.
Then it was used as the prison after the French Revolution in the 18th century.
And it renewed as the monastery in 1966 after the restoration of the building.
2モンサン 3モンサン
4モンサン 5モンサン

It is one of the best place that remains in my memory this year. 

Oh! This is an omelet of the famous specialty in Mont-Saint-Michel.
It was very soft and delicious! I wish I could go to there someday again.

Thank you so much for coming to my blog. See you next year.(^_^)/

  I wish you a happy new year!!

My photo gallery ~ザ・エッフェル塔~

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I like taking photos.
On today's blog, I'd like to put the Eiffel Tower's photos that took
in this May. I felt the presence of Eiffel Tower was great and could
see it from everywhere in Paris. I hope you enjoy these photos.

4203_convert_エッフェル 3317_convert_エッフェル


5218_convert_エッフェル タワー225_convert_エッフェル


8294_convert_エッフェル 7262_convert_エッフェル


Palais Garnier ~シャガールの天井絵~

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I went to the opera house (Palais Garnier) on the final day of the trip though I didn't have the plan in that trip when I visited Paris for the first time this year.
Because there is the museum in the opera house, we can come in the building even if we can't see a opera.

And,fortunately, we could see the ceiling picture of Chagall at that time.
I don't know whether the picture of Chagall is matching with this building or not. However, I was impressed by the glorious picture very much.


To tell the truth, I felt the opera house was better than Palace of Versailles in the splendours of them.

French vegetables ~アーティチョーク&ホワイトアスパラガス~

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I like to go to the vegetable's direct sales shop, because we can meet
unusual vegetables and get some information at there.

And, I met artichoke and white asparagus at a marche in Paris this May for the first time. They are hardly seen in Japan.

Artichoke is the bud of flower.
After boiled, we peeled off the calyxes, and ate the root of them.
It was very delicious. But, we couldn't eat everything at that time,
and we didn't know the center of artichoke is the most delicious part.
And I heard it looks like the shape of a heart.
It must be cute, right? So I would like to see and taste it next time.
And artichoke is an excellent vegetable that has the dietary fiber a lot,
and has the effect of lowering the cholesterol level.

And ,about white asparagus, their feature is to have a little more proteins and carbohydrate than other vegetables.
I had never eaten the white asparagus such a big size that is not the canned.
It was also very delicious.

By the way, I found a farmer is growing artichoke in Miura City
in Kanagawa Prefecture.
So ,I'm looking forward to the next spring!

A lovely cat ~ネコと金魚~

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The cat that drinks water of fishbowl !金魚308_convert_20101029082639ネコと

This is a photograph that I took at a French woman's house in Paris.
This cat drinks the water of the fishbowl when thirsty, but he has never
eaten the goldfishes.

I feel this shot is very pleasing.(^^)

Procession of Ants !? ~ルーブル美術館~

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I went to Paris in this May.
These are photos taken at the Louvre.
If you go to the Louvre, I recommend you to enter at the opening time.

At 9:00AM. The entrance was not crowded.


At 11:00AM. I was surprised at the long line of people.


I hope this is a good information for you.