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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪

Positive thinking ~ホームステイの思い出~

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Please let me write the memories of my homestay today.
I experienced the first homestay in my forties about three years ago.
I stayed the home of a Judaism believer couple in Sydney for nine days.
It was also the first Australia ,the first study abroad and the first
meeting of Judaism believer for me.
So everything was full of the surprise and excitement.
In that time, I went to an English conversation school in City from the
host family’s house everyday by bus.
In the school, there were many foreigners,and I was neither a housewife
or not mother, and was just student.
And I really enjoyed learning English and doing activities with classmates.
Then, I went to grocery shopping and did my homework with host father,
and I went to a beach and a hill with host mother in her car.
On Friday night, they had a home party, and I sang the songs for prayer
of Judaism together.
I knew their special rule and custom for Judaism for the first time.
And I often met their grandchildren and the neighbors.
I couldn't speak English well, but I didn't have any troubles.
In those days, I seem that I had nerves of iron than now maybe.
Anyway, I had a lot of wonderful experiences, and I remember I thought
that living positively was a universal important mind to men and women
of all ages!

This is Sydney Harbour Bridge.
When crossing this bridge by bus I could see very beautiful Opera House.


Crystals of Love ~孤児院での笑顔~

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The children are treasure. The children are crystals of love.
I want to believe so .

Though it was two years ago already, I had gone to Cebu island for
a super-short time studying abroad.
To tell the truth, I was disappointed about the English lesson at there,
but I did some valuable experiences at that time, so please let me tell
here one of them.

The Cebu island is a wonderful resort, but I felt there were another
extreme worlds at the inside and outside of the hotel.
One day, I visited a orphanage that was on the back side of our hotel
with my classmates.  
About 50 children lived in the orphanage.
They seemed boring when we arrived, and I taught cat's cradle(AYATORI)
to a girl. She remembered at once cat's cradle I taught, then she taught
it to her friends. Their eyes seemed shining.

I heard the girl was a child between a Filipino woman and Japanese man
from a staff of the orphanage.
And I knew there are many children of such circumstances in Philippine.

It was a very small thing that I can do.
However, I was so glad to see their smile.
And I can’t forget the scene we saw from the orphanage,
and I am praying that they will be able to live with love and pride
in their future.

English Conversation School  ~貴重な出会い~

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After shortly I returned home from the trip to San Francisco,
I tried a lesson of an English Conversation School.
It was a quite first experience for me, so I was very nervous at that time.
And I had answered quickly that I ‘d like to go to study abroad
when the school counselor asked me about my goal.
I think nobody thought it was a possible dream at that point in time,
but I went on a homestay visit to Sydney after about one year had passed.
That was unbelievable thing for me because it was necessary to have
a great courage, after all, I was an elementary class;
besides, a housewife.
And after another one year had passed, I went to study abroad to Cebu.
I had many wonderful experience through learning English.
So, I hope to do record of my experience on this blog by little and little.
Anyway I think it is important to meet a good school for student.