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Aso Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems 阿蘇世界農業遺産

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Hi, Thanks for coming to my blog.

Well, I joined a wonderful tour in Kumamoto last month.
By the way, do you know Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems(GIAHS)?
Have you ever been to Aso in Kumamoto?
Aso has a grassland of vast extent, many kinds of plants and animals and traditional agriculture.
So, Aso got GIAHS in 2013.

If you have never been to Aso, I really want you to visit there.

You can see the great view.

And you can taste beautiful water and good food.

Yeah, I'd like to go there again.


Thank you very much for reading my blog! See you soon



ダイエット妄想ママ says... "No title"
Hi, Mittanr

Thanks for telling me about Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems(GIAHS).
This is the first time for me to hear that name even in Japanese.
I've never been there, so if I have a chance,I would like to go there.
What kind of food is well-known????
What kind of food did you eat there???
I don't know at all about Kumamoto.

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mittanr says... "Re:"
Hi ダイエット妄想ママsan,

Thank you very much for your comment!
Kumamoto is famous for Basashi(raw horse meat) and Karashi rencon(lotus root with mustard food),etc.
But I ate BBQ of red cow and some vegetables and Italian food by red cow and some vegetables and fruit,etc at that tour.
Because I visited some farmers and learned about the circulatory system of agriculture in Aso.
So all food were really delicious and the tour was so wonderful!
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N郎♪ says... "阿蘇"
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mittanr says... "Re: 阿蘇"
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