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Nobody knows what happen tomorrow, but everything is necessary for myself on my life. This is my road I have been walking to be HAPPY-aging not anti-aging. And, where there's a will, there's a way!

今までの道 これからの道 私のHAPPYエイジングロード♪

Fireworks in Yokohama  大迫力の花火大会

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Hello everyone.
Fireworks is one of Japanese things in summer, isn't it?
I went to a fireworks festival in Yokohama with my husband and his coworkers the other day.
And we looked at very beautiful and powerful 25,000 fireworks!
These sounds banged our body. I thought it's important to hear the sounds with fireworks same time. We really enjoyed the great live fireworks.


Have a nice weekend!


What is a Vegetable Sommelier?

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Hello everyone, Thank you very much for coming to my blog.
I'm acting as a vegetable sommelier.
So, today, I'd like to introduce about a vegetable sommelier because I think almost all of you don't know what a vegetable sommelier is.
Vegetable sommelier is the certificate given from Japan vegetable sommelier association, the only institution of this kind in the world.
And a vegetable sommelier is a specialist who understands and tells the attractions of fruit and vegetables, and our mission is acting as a go-between for farmers and consumers.
And we are active in various situations, and as for me, I recommend fruit and vegetable cooking techniques for health and anti-aging mainly.
The other day, I had the opportunity to talk about the health benefits of seasonal vegetables and focus on tomato in English! My English was not perfect and I was a little nervous, but I felt very happy that people enjoyed listening to my presentation.
Yes, it was a wonderful experience for me!!


Wheat Field in Hokkaido 北海道の麦畑

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This picture is wheat field in Hokkaido.
One of my friends sent this to me the other day.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
She and her family have a huge farmland.
And they have been growing some vegetables and wheat.
I think Japanese wheat is very valuable.
And I'd like to see the wheat field someday!


Agriculture  農業

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I took private lesson for English conversation today.
And we learned about Agriculture, and discussed about why people first started farming and how change in human cultural development.
It was really interesting subject for me.
I want to review about that before my next lesson.

今日のプライベートレッスンでは、私たちの先祖が農業を始めた理由や、農業によって大きく変わった人々の暮らしなどについて学びました。とても興味ある内容なので、英語でもさらに深く学びたいと思います。 ちなみに、Agricultureの Agriはラテン語でfield(畑、田、牧草地)を意味するそうですよ。

My Refreshment Food カラフルミニトマト

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I eat tomato every day.
Especially I love mini tomato.
I ate them at my break time.
These tomatoes have beautiful colors.
Red, Yellow, Orange, Zebra stripe purple color.
They're colorful and so delicious.
They made me happy!